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Available June, 2012


Bigger bit, bigger holes, bigger screws, and of course… bigger projects. Introducing the all-new Kreg Jig® HD – optimized for large heavy-duty projects - delivering the strength and confidence you need to BUILD BIG!

The Kreg Jig® HD is designed with the same tried-and-true hardened steel drill guides as the original Kreg Jig®... but
 the HD lets you drills holes which are 25% larger and joints that are an amazing 50% stronger than traditional Kreg Joints™!The HD gives you the same "Drill. Drive. Done!" simplicity you expect from a Kreg Jig®, plus the strength you never thought possible.


Whether you’re framing walls, building backyard furniture, fences, benches, or any other large project, you always want the strongest joint possible; and this is where the Kreg Jig® HD excels.

The Kreg Jig® HD is optimized for working with 2x4’s and larger stock. It utilizes #14 industrial-quality, heavy-duty, hardened-steel, screws which provide incredible shear resistance as well as 3 anti-corrosion layers for incredible long-term moisture resistance.

The Kreg Jig® HD works great as a stand-alone jig; simply connect it to your Kreg Face Clamp™, lock it into place, and take it where you need to go. Depending on the project, the Kreg Jig® HD can also connect directly to your model K3 or K4 Kreg Jig® benchtop base for upright drilling.


Whether you build projects outdoors a lot or just want your projects to be built with the strongest joints possible… this is the Kreg Jig® for you.

Kit Includes:

- HD Drill Guide

- Stop Block

- ½” Diameter HD Stepped Drill Bit

- HD Stop Collar and Allen Wrench

- 6” HD Driver Bit

- Starter Screw Set


- 50% stronger than standard pocket-holes

- Optimized for large outdoor projects

- For use with 1 ½” materials and up

- Works with the K3 & K4 Kreg Jig® and Kreg Jig® Master System

- Stop Block provides easy, repeatable registration to workpiece

- Face Clamp locks into Kreg Jig® HD for secure drilling

- Hex-Shank HD Drill Bit is Quick Change compatible

NOTE: Be sure to check with your local building code authority before using the Kreg Jig HD to construct load bearing objects such as interior walls or deck railings. Building codes differ from area to area. Please reference applications in user manual.

Learn more about the Kreg Jig HD

Watch the Kreg Jig HD video on YouTube

Available June, 2012


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Thank you, for the comparison pictures, they look great. There is no room for confusion.

KregRep said:

First look at the Kreg JIg HD from Chief's Shop:

Probably because it's the screws that everyone who buys a kit gets. Everyone with a Kreg has seen their standard f125 screw it's the most common screw they sell.  It's a visual reference for comparison.  It makes sense to use the most common to compare it to for the general masses.  


KregMS said:

No, I didn't misunderstand. Would you use a fine thread inch and a quarter screw to hold something you would use the two and a quarter inch HD screw on? If the HD option were not available you would use a two and a half  inch course thread standard screw. Humans by nature are visual, and to compare the two screws your company has is unfair to the masses who do not read the captions. or perhaps can not read or don't understand what they read. I am not going to hijack your forum to debate this. Your company makes great products, my jig payed for it's self with the first project and have since bought the mini insert and a second jig. I just want you to understand how this is confusing and considered misleading to some. I would have expected more from Kreg.

Thanks for your time.

Rodney Wade said:

maybe you misunderstand what they are saying....this is a comparison of thier smaller jig's standard screw and thier new jig size.  They are not saying their 2.5" screw is better then a 2.5" course thread.  They are stating if you liked the clamping force of our smaller jig, the new jig should be even better due to it's larger, stronger screw being used.

I agree with KregMS - The initial comparison pic was pretty lame. These last ones are much more representative and, IMO, more convincing.

Where are the plans for outdoor swing sets/play towers?  Both my kids and I are anxiously awaiting this to come out so I can make them a play tower!  Seems so much easier than using bolts....

This one has my attention.  I have built several projects using 2x4's and my old K2000 but whenever "heavy duty" was called for I have resorted to lag bolts.  I'm sure I'll be giving this new jig a chance.

any Idea as of when they will be available in the box stores?  Building my Pergola this weekend.


You can ask your big box store, when they plan to receive their stock,

and have them call you when they arrive.

Made an inquiry during a recent trip to 3 big box stores---

answer was:  "never heard of it''


perhaps they haven't been informed.

We're can I get this amazon doesn't even have it.

Ok, so it is coming out in June and it's June 18th. I want to get this at my local woodcraft store befor June 30th cause i got a 10 off coupon.  I'v been waiting all month. So when is the release date or was June just a Lie!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe a few of rep's could give up their's. You know help Kreg keep their word.   Just a thought 

Can you place your order, pay now, and take advantage of the coupon?  I find that often works, but being 100 miles from Rockler, Woodcraft, etc. gives me a little edge.  They try to acccomodate customers who drive that far.
mark Reagle said:

Ok, so it is coming out in June and it's June 18th. I want to get this at my local woodcraft store befor June 30th cause i got a 10 off coupon.  I'v been waiting all month. So when is the release date or was June just a Lie!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe a few of rep's could give up their's. You know help Kreg keep their word.   Just a thought 




Ask your local woodcraft dealer, 

if they've even ordered it, before you go bashing Kreg.

Some sources I've spoke to, don't know about it and others haven't ordered it yet!

The dealers ''buyers are responsible''' for stocking their shelves, NOT Kreg.

mark Reagle said:

>>>.... is the release date or was June just a Lie!!!!!!!!!!  .../p>

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