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I need to attach this 1 x 2 (22" long)  to a 2 x 2 (26" long) but with each piece being only         1 1/2" tall the kreg jig can not make holes is either piece. This is being made for the side piece of a bedside table. How can i get these pieces together without marring any visible sides? Would the Kreg micro do me any good here? I understand it is designed to make smaller holes but it doesn't appear that it would work either. I guess I need to know the distance from the top of the hole to the edge of the wood

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The regular kreg jig measures about 1 7/8 from the bottom of jig to top of the hole on the metal plate, the micro jig measures about 1 5/8 from bottom to top of hole. Hope this helps

I would put a spacer under the piece I needed the pocket holes in and shorten the stop collar on the drill bit.  I would try a sample piece. 

Thanks Jerrod, I'll give it a try.


sadly the problem isn't that simple. it sounds like you have a kreg micro- if so, will you tell me the measurement in the attached photo? thanks

i do apologize - i thought you had misunderstood me but you were in fact, correct (i measured my regular). Thank you so much for your input. But, even the micro will not help. I can't believe I'm the only person to ever run into this problem but I have searched and searched to no avail. Guess I'll just have to glue it.

I have only fixed only one thing so far with mine so Im sure when I start I will know what you mean.  I am waiting to have some extra money to buy some material.   

On 1½" stock, the pocket hole will enter the edge of the stock. Need to do some extra finishing. Or, just forget the jig and go directly through the edge of the stock the full 1½". Use a 2½" inch screw and it should be fine. In your situation, I don't see pocket screws buying you anything.

Biscuit joint maybe or plane old glue you could take some brad nail and set with hammer on inside and cut the nails of at about 1/4 and the glue and pound the two together .


I'd fasten the narrow workpiece, using the Kreg screws, thru counterbored holes.

a. Add counterbored holes in the narrow edge of the 1x2 workpiece, and

b. fasten it to the 2x2 with screws.

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