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Aside from Kreg Tracks what other tracks can be used to make a clamping table? If so where can I purchase them? I own a many Kreg products but their tracks are a bit too pricey. Finally, which Kreg clamps are the most useful with the clamping table? Thanks all! -Nick:-)

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Thank John.

I called TrackUSA and was informed their tracks will not work due to sizing issues with the Kreg clamping tool.


I hate it when that happens. Sears used to do it a lot. Spec things just enough different you HAVE to by accessories and ad ons from Sears... Just one more reason I haven't shopped sears in 30 years.

That's true Rick, but not a large selection. I would suspect if t-trackusa can't match it, the likelyhood of Rocklers flavor working would be very low.

Rick R said:

I understand Kreg's position.

I'll save my pennies and buy the Klamp Table top, I guess. Any ideas on a base for the top? Pictures would be great. Thanks everyone for the input! -Nick

Nick, I took a different approach since I wanted to combine the pocket hole clamp, the bench clamp, a router table, and storage.  I can remove all the accessories and still have a flat workbench for assembly.


Nice set-up.


Most useful Kreg clamps for me are 

Kreg Premium Face... New Kreg Right Angle... Kreg Extra Large...  Kreg 90 Degree... Kreg Standard Bench... Kreg Large Bench...

I use them singly, in multiples, or in combination. 

Each has it's usefulness.

  I also use a variety of other clamps, for use in t-tracks and on the clamping and assy tables.

Hold Down Clamp for...   Universal Fence...  Sure-Foot F-Style...  Irwin Quick-Grip 6"...  Clamp-It Assembly...  Small Toggle Clamp Large Vertical...  48" Universal...     Clamp-It Bar Clamps  Clamp Handle Grips    Flex-Jaw Spring...    Hold Down Clamp,...  6" Clamp-On Bench...  Bench Accessory Kit  ,

plus a variety of c-clamps and F- clamps, in various sizes.

This style track I find very useful, for my needs.

Multi Track for Jigs...  used singly or 

Multi Track Brackets  used in multiple, when fastened together, to form an angle.

Either of these tracks can be fastened to a work table, with simple tools.



I will tell you there is a reason that we designed our clamps to only work in certain traks and it is not so that you can only buy them through us.  We strive to get you the best price possible and if our customer service team knows of a comparable item at a cheaper price we will be the first ones to let you know.  The reason that we have our clamps only work with certain traks is to due to the large amount of force applied on the trak when you clamp down.  If you were to use just an ordinary T-trak the clamp would pull straight through the aluminum like it was nothing.  Our Klamp Trak is a thicker gauge material and internally reinforced allowing it to take the abuse the clamp dishes out.  If you have any other questions on this please let us know.


I totally understand. Not to worry, I will alwys be a kreg supporter!


Thanks for the photo. Good idea you have going on.


Thank you for the photo gallery of clamps!


Here's a pic of Kreg's Klamp track.


It is ideadly suited for HD clamping, and for use with the Kreg clamps, pictured in my post above.

The track can be permanently affixed to a work table, for drilling, sawing, sanding, routing, chiseling, clamping and glue ups.

Fasteners can be installed with access from underside of the work top.

The design provides for easy access, by loosening the fastener and slide out the track---pretty simple, and 

very effective.

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