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I think this is my first time chatting here. I own a few Kreg Jig products. Love doing DIY stuff. Totally remodeling my kitchen, tore down a wall, put up 2 LVLs, did all the drywall and electrical and now putting in cabinetry. Oh also did the tiling. Closed up a doorway into the kitchen where the washer and dryer was, turn them towards the hallway.Took almost a year and a half to remodel my kitchen because of problems underneath the house that I had to fix as far as leveling/settling goes.
Anyway stuck in the middle of a project, trying to figure out how to cut some of my wall oven cabinetry face frame to put in an oven(two oven and a warmer). Wanted to use a Kreg Jig product but not really sure how to go about doing this and make it neat. I was going to try using the Accu cut but I don’t know if I can do a plunge cut with it. Be more detailed I’m trying to cut the bottom part of an opening on the face frame to fit in an oven. Was just going to use a handsaw to keep the dust down or another small tool instead of my Skil saw. Any suggestions would be grateful thanks

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Assuming you just need to trim a faceframe, you may be able to completely remove the frame and make the cuts on the table saw, you could cut that portion of faceframe out and add a new piece or my final suggestion would be to use a track saw/jig saw to make your cuts in place.  Most wall ovens have a beauty ring that should cover up a minor errant cut.  Hope this helps.

Look into the mini angle circular saws, that uses 3-1/2 to 4" blades.

Also a good jig saw, may suit your needs.  

You won't be able to make the cut up tagent to an inside corner, with either; however, you could finish the cut using a fine tooth hand saw.

If the cut edge can't be made "smooth" with a saw, make the rouge cut and leave 1/16" to finish the edge with a palm router and flush cutting bit---use a straight edge to guide the router base.

I've used the methods described above, and made it work.

I also keep an oscillating sander, at the ready, to tough up an exposed edge.

You may need to do some "fine" tuning to the cut edge to make it smooth and true, to make a closed bust joint.  A card scraper is another useful tool. 

When sawdust is a problem being expelled into an area, I cover the surrounding objects with drop cloths.

And, use a vac with a scoop/flared shape nozzle, held near the cutting/sanding tool, and suck up the dust.  Keeps the dust down.

Here is the oven cabinet... These  were spaces for slide out drawers.  I’m adding two separate ovens, and the warming drawer at the bottom. The first oven already has a base and I have to create new base for the metal and raise the base for the bottom.  I cut one of the panels off already using a handsaw, which greatly reduced the sawdust.  A friend of the oven will cover these cuts.  The mark on the panel below is where I need to cut about an inch or so into the panel. I was thinking of using a handsaw but wasn’t sure if I could keep a straight line. Even using something as a guide. And it would take a long time to cut.  I could cut a little on the inside of a line with a jigsaw all the way around and then sanded down.  Jigsaw might be a little faster and a little less dust then using regular handsaw. 

 Thank you and I really really really appreciate your help  and comments 

I  decided I was going to make a fence, so I wouldn’t scratch the face frame.... hopefully this will work. 

CLear packaging tape can suffice---cover the areas that the saw will ride on.

When complete, just lift and peel off the tape. 


Jack Julius said:

I  decided I was going to make a fence, so I wouldn’t scratch the face frame.... hopefully this will work. 

Are you sure there aren't pocket holes holding that piece of faceframe in that you could just unscrew and run it through the table saw?  Your guide will certainly work if there aren't.
Ken Darga said:

CLear packaging tape can suffice---cover the areas that the saw will ride on.

When complete, just lift and peel off the tape. 


Jack Julius said:

I  decided I was going to make a fence, so I wouldn’t scratch the face frame.... hopefully this will work. 

Technical Support will be happy to help with this. You may reach them at or toll-free 800-447-8638. Thanks!

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