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My name is Dale and I live in northeast Arkansas. I've been woodworking for about a two years however at present my time is limited as I have become primary caregiving for my wife's parents but I am setting up a few projects, getting material and equipment I need for these projects. Hope to get back to woodworking soon. And get a chance to use some of the new tools I am getting

I know where you are coming from Dale. I am caregiver for my wife's dad and also my wife whom is disabled. It is a fulltime job, but I do find a little time here and there to lose myself in my wood shop. Family comes first, but we also have to take care of ourselves!

Have a Great Day

I agree Ron. Woodworking is one of a couple of my stress relievers or my time to take a break. I hope to learn lot more about woodworking as well as new ideas and projects to build. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again
Hi, my name is Steve, I live in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. I'm new to working with my hands, not a lot of confidence in building/repairing. But since I bought a Kreg I'd like to try things. I'm pretty excited to try the Kreg system.
Hello, I am John. I live on Bainbridge Island across the bay from Seattle. I've been working with wood for years. Recently my sister-in-law gave me old wood from her tear-down shed. I needed a way to join two pieces together to form the top of a table I designed. That's when I discovered the world of pocket hole joinery. I was hooked. So far I've built two tables and 2 benches along with storage boxes for my Kreg accessories. Also built one crosscut jig and one ripjig for my circular saw.

Hi, My name is Mike and I live in Mid west IL. I have a small one car garage that I use to do woodworking. I like working on home projects, remodeling, just making things for the house and Yard. I made an entertainment center with barn doors and had to make the doors, which was a fun project. That was the first time that I ever used pocket hole joinery. They turned out great. I am now looking to build a good work bench, so I don't have to work off of saw horses anymore. 

Walt here, g'morning all.  I've been doing a few things around the house for years, almost all of it building or repairing.   Time to get into the details of things more along the lines of cabinetry and useful things without the pressure of closing it in and getting it functional.  I find the Kreg tools rather handy and functional.  Haven't retired yet so limited time along with other chores though goals will keep me focused.  Have a wall in the living room that is begging for cabinet lowers and bookshelves above.   One at a time just like you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

Hi everyone. My name is Tom. I have been retired for about 3 1/2 years now. My woodworking skills were good 45 years ago. Since then I got a job, got married, had kids, travelled all over the world, lived in Geneva, Switzerland, watched my kids get married. I have six grandchildren with one on the way. My son built a home next to me. We have some acreage and I decided it was time to build a steel building 40' x 60'. We plan to have areas in it to house our lawn equipment, trailers, campers. An area for family gatherings with kitchen and restroom. A game/social area and a workshop area. We have some equipment and I felt it was time to get back in the saddle again. My son enjoys tinkering with projects and has made a few CNC machines plus work with 3D printers. I am hoping to get much advice and knowledge from this forum.


My Name is Lucas, and I am from a small almost mountain town in NY. I am totally new to woodworking and DIY projects, but I thought I would cut my teeth something that had some sentimental value. I built my son's first big boy bed, since we needed the crib for our second son. (Born this past monday)

Anyway, the project plans called for pocket screws, so checked it out. I got the poker hole jig, built the bed and now i am hooked.
My name is Diane- USA, retired USAF. Beginner woodworker, built a small table with Kreg JIG . I like Kreg, products are good quality and easy to use. I am happy I found the Kreg Community . Eager to learn from you all. I am looking for my next beginner project. Any ideas?


Book cases



Storage bin(s)

Outdoor furniture---tables, chairs, benches, storage.

Persue magazines and books, that show products that could be of use to you.

Book titled "The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book", by Canny Proulx, is a good source of info,

as well as others with similarity.

Do a google search---pocket hole projects plans, and the like.

Have fun planning and building.


My name is Diane- USA, retired USAF. Beginner woodworker, built a small table with Kreg JIG . I like Kreg, products are good quality and easy to use. I am happy I found the Kreg Community . Eager to learn from you all. I am looking for my next beginner project. Any ideas?
Welcome to the community Diane.

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