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At 4:12pm on December 6, 2017, Lynn Shank said…

Jay, I have been absent from this Kreg Tool Owners site for about 4 to 6 (?) years. I downsized my amount of equipment and tools 3 years ago, and recently decided to "gently re-engage" into simple woodworking projects.  Previously I focused upon log furniture crafting, and now will focus upon dimensional wood projects, using (some) self harvested beetle killed ponderosa pine, planer, and jointer, etc.  My last log furniture project (for a customer) was a queen over queen bunk bed, which, due to the logs and slabs I had to work with, turned out beautiful! ... Not because of my talents, but because of God's provision of amazing logs and wood!  I'm wondering if you are still active in production of the outstanding furniture as you were 4 to 6 years ago.  Your talents surely amazed me at that time, and my amazement continues if you are still producing the wonderful results!  Are your recent projects available for viewing on the Kreg website?

Abundant blessings to you.  Your Friend near Salida, Colorado, Lynn Shank

At 8:59pm on October 6, 2015, Stephanie H said…

You are so kind.  I agree.  The table saw thing was beyond overwhelming.  I bought several gadgets to try and solve the problem.  Took them all back.  Ended up using a combination square and the miter slot of the saw to get it square.  Along with pulling out the manual and away we went.  Was much easier than I thought it would be.  Other than tightening it back up slowly and making sure nothing moved.  It was a lot easier and less stressful with two people.  YOU have a great memory.  :)  Next project is another fish rod holder.  Different style.  Will be my first attempt at making a drawer.  This is a great test of me having patience with myself.  Also taking my time.  

At 4:08pm on October 6, 2015, Stephanie H said…

Might be easier to talk under chat vs public.  I do not want to start a war regarding who knows what etc.  I agree with you, so much info just gets confusing.  This is going to be my first attempt at cabinets, less is more for me.  Thank you also for all your knowledge.

At 9:33pm on April 23, 2015, Josh F said…
Thank you Jay for responding and giving me some tips before attempting to mount my Triton to the new Kreg router table. I've gone over the instructions and its all seems pretty straigtforward. I did opt to purchase the mounting plate pre-drilled for the Triton so hopefully that goes smoothly.

Again - thanks for taking the time to help a stranger!!
At 6:35pm on April 22, 2015, Josh F said…
Hi Jay!

A month or so ago you welcomed me to the group and gave me some good suggestions regarding using a router table for the first time. Well, with your feedback in mind, I went out and bought the new Kreg router table system, Triton TRA001 Router and a slew of Sommerfeld bits and accessories. That being said, any words of wisdom as I embark on installing this router and setting it up in my new table? Thanks again and I appreciate all of your help this far!
At 7:31pm on April 18, 2015, Robert Brennan said…

hello again Jay

I am not sure how many years we/I have been on the Kreg site but didnt realise although we have been communitating over the years had never needed to communicate directly.

It was only thismorming I sw all the messages and eagerly logged it to check them out, only to be dismayed with waht I saw posted. I was so upset I was going to reply then though better of it, I guess some people will never change and after reading your career background I am saying nothing new.

 Here is hoping they withdraw their remarks and make a honest acceptance it was out of line and end the issue. Mind you I think the member who saw my stupid post wanted me banned from the site! So justice can be quite harsh if you draw the attention, regardlless of intent.

Have a good day !!

At 9:48pm on April 7, 2015, Kelly said…


Thanks for responding.  I am wrestling with purchasing a router.

The Triton has a 3 inch router bit opening.  Have you ever run a larger bit with the triton running above the router bit opening?

I currently own a Freud 3 1/4 raised panel bit and it was expensive, so I'm hoping to still be able to use it.


At 7:27pm on July 22, 2014, ron gagnon said…

hi jay  i thank you for all your efforts  and comments  lots information on door openning and upper cornor cabinet . did not realize about 90 degree issues

but now its build and all glued up i read all sugestions you made on how to build  two doors options i have to choose.  i will be building a cornor base cabinets 36 by 36 later on with a lazy susan . i also saw a video  u tube on a person  put a piano hinge and cut two doors were they meet at a 45 degree  and they both shut at a 90 degree. it looked and was build like mine at 90degree . still Learning something new . your post and information is well written and helps me to try to do the best i can and  i hope it helps others just like me to be informed  and take the time to read  all your post as i know you have helped alot here on questions and your  time and efforts on making those post are full great know how since you been  making cabinets for more then 27 years

its always nice to have a person of your  amazing skills  share information.

thank you again. will post  pics of kitchen  cabinets  later on as i go along

ty for your comments take care

At 8:54pm on July 21, 2014, ron gagnon said…

hi jay  was looking alot at your cabinets pics and i would like to ask you  a ? about

how much space do  you leave between kitchen cabinets door were they meet in the middle is it 1/8

thank you for your time

and take care

At 3:57pm on July 20, 2014, Robert Brennan said…

Hello Jay,

Just a short note to say I have found Warren Downes the OZ distrubiter for Microjig, or more correctly he found me,via the site  great work thanks!!

At 1:58am on June 19, 2014, Warren Downes said…

Thanks for that Jay, much appreciated.

At 2:22pm on May 2, 2014, George Hamm said…

Jay, Thanks for the wonderful comment.  It was a little tedious at times.  But I think that is what makes a project turn out to what a person wants.  Have a good day.  George

At 10:58am on April 29, 2014, George Hamm said…

Jay, Glad your back.  Sorry to here about your illness.  Glad your doing better and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful wood work.  Have a great day.  George

At 11:36pm on March 24, 2014, james wilhelm said…

Hi JAY , also glad to see you back on the site , helping other,s as you have all way,s done , hope you are feeling a bit better  , have a great day and get better soon , JIM !!

At 9:25pm on March 24, 2014, ray vile said…

Hi Jay, I hope your getting better I sure do miss reading your replies to other peoples posts. I'm going to be launching a web site soon, gonna try to sell some pens on the internet. I'm working on getting an inventory built up. I have about 35 done so far and all my freinds and family think I could sell them online. I have sold a few of them all ready to people I know. The mountain house is keeping pretty busy also. It is a shame there is a couple thousand miles between us, I would think it would be great to sit down and have a beer or two.

Your freind on the east coast, Ray

At 3:26pm on March 3, 2014, Leslee said…

 Dear Jay,

 I hope you return to normal soon. I think of you often hoping I can chat with you this summer or when you feel better from your shingles. My shed is coming along. Take care,


At 8:17pm on December 14, 2013, Steve Gronsky said…

Thanks Jay.  

I appreciate your kindness and the speedy reply.  Have a happy & safe holiday season.


At 2:12am on October 26, 2013, Jay Boutwell said…

hi Ray, been good just super busy.  Just finished that custom crown that I had talked about several months ago for that kitchen that I posted with the tall ceiling.

There are two ways that I would build a skirt for a roung table that is that big. They are:

1. laminating the strips like you talk about above.   This would be bending the strips dry with glue,  You could increase the 1/8 inch strips by steaming the wood in a steaming box.  1/4 inch thick would bend easily aroung a form and clamped until dry and then glued together again around the form.

2. Cut the 1" thick x 1" wide and to a length that would equal about 1/4 around the table.  Steam bend it and allow it to dry around a form and then put these together using a scarf cut joint. If doing it this way I would use a single piece that would go aroung the table keeping the pieces matched end to end.

The easiest is the first but the better look is the second method.   To make a steam box use a piece of abs black  plastic pipe with capped ends. Make one end cap using a threaded fitting which is also abs.  This gives you the method of inserting and removing the wood strips.   Use a wall paper steamer to generate the steam and introduce it in the upper side of one of the pipe and  drill a small 1/4 drain hole in the bottom of the opposite end.  This will allow the water to drain out as the steam turns into water.  Cook these for a good 20 minutes and test them for bending properties.  When soft enough bend them aroung a form that you can make using 3/4inch plywood and some 3/4 ich pegs that you can insert into holes as it comes around the bend.  pegs are easier and faster to install that clamps.  Let the piece dry for a couple days or until dry.  Don't use a hot heat as this will allow the wood fibers to seperate at the top of the bend.

Hint: I have used Donney brand fabric softner suscessfully to hasten the softening of the fibers an it has not harmed the finish.  I do this by placing the wood in a tub of hot water with fabric softener allowing the wood to soak for awhile before placing them into the steam box.  Have fun and post photos when you are finished.  I would love to see your work on here again.


At 10:22pm on October 25, 2013, ray vile said…

Hi Jay, How you been? I'm starting to build a 60'' round kitchen table, I'm using 5/4 hard maple and it's going to be a pedastool table. I also want to make it with an apron around 1'' deep. I was thinking about cutting a batch of 1/8'' strips and laminating them to some cauls that I would attach to the underside of the table. i was wondering if you might have an easier way of making the apron. Anything you can offer would be greatly apreciated.


At 8:51pm on October 9, 2013, james wilhelm said…

Hi Jay , thank,s for the glue up rack  sketch, I will check  it  out , look,s like you have a good set up with your rack  !!  How have you been , long time since we have talked , busy time of the year for me , Christmas Projects !!  Have a great day , Jim !

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