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New Automaxx™ Clamps adjust automatically to hold different material thicknesses —
whether it's thick, thin, or in between — making clamping fast and foolproof!

Automaxx™ Clamps make clamping faster and easier than ever by adjusting the clamp automatically to match the thickness of the material being clamped—whether it’s thick, thin, or in between.

You just set the clamping pressure once using an easy-to-regulate thumbscrew. After that, Automaxx™ Clamps do the rest—locking the clamps closed easily and consistently every time and with every thickness.

Automaxx™ Clamps are available in two styles and sizes to provide fast and foolproof solutions for a wide array of clamping jobs. Automaxx™ Face Clamps take care of handheld clamping needs, while Automaxx™ Bench Klamps work with the Kreg Klamp Plate™ or Klamp Track™ to provide an adjustable bench-mounted clamping station.

AutomaxxFace Clamps:
Automaxx™ Face Clamps are available in two sizes: The Face Clamp (Item# KHC-1410) offers a 3" reach and clamps materials up to 2-7/8" thick. The Large Face Clamp (Item# KHC1420) has a 6"-reach and clamps materials up to 4-1/4" thick.

AutomaxxBench Klamps:
Automaxx™ Bench Klamps come in two different sizes, as well: The Bench Klamp (Item# KKS-1120) offers a 3" reach and clamps materials up to 2-1/2" thick. The Large Bench Klamp (Item# KKS-1140) has a 6" reach and clamps materials up to 4-1/4" thick.

Bench Klamp System:
The Automaxx™ Bench Klamp System (Item# KKS1110) combines a 3"-reach Automaxx™ Bench Klamp with a Kreg Klamp Plate™ that can be mounted into a bench top. This allows you to create an incredibly versatile clamping station that can rotate 360° to hold a variety of materials in almost any position on your bench top.

AutomaxxClamps Key Features:

  • Auto-adjust technology automatically adjusts to any material thickness
    • 3" Automaxx™ Face Clamp - up to 2-7/8" thick; Automaxx™ Large Face Clamp - up to 4-1/4" thick.
    • 3" Automaxx™ Bench Klamp - up to 2-1/2" thick; 6" Automaxx™ Large Bench Klamp - up to 4-1/4" thick.
  • Easy-to-regulate clamping force using a simple thumbscrew
  • Extra-large clamp faces spread clamping pressure evenly
  • Ergonomic padded grips prevent hand fatigue
  • Automaxx™ Face Clamps are compatible with the Kreg Jig®, Kreg Portable Base, and Kreg Jig® R3 (Jr.)
  • Automaxx™ Bench Klamps are compatible with the Kreg Klamp Plate™, Klamp Track™, and Klamp Vise Plate™

You can learn more about Automaxx™ Clamps HERE.

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Can't wait to pick some up! 

I want them all!!!

Awesome! I was hoping there would be an automaxx right angle clamp. I'm sure there will be in the future :) Great work Kreg!

Great job with the video, Dave. I want some of those clamps!!

My daughter gave me gift card to Amazon ordered one of the new Automaxx clamps.

Looks like there about a month behind the release date from Kreg not going to get to me until July 15 not Jun 15.

I would think Amazon would be one of the first to have them.

Still a nice gift to me for Fathers day from my daughter lol.


You'll be able to get a ''grip on things'', with that clamp.


I hope so thanks for the reply Ken .  I was just hoping to get it this week  now I'm disappointed. 

I see the home page says that June 17 Kreg would start shipping. Did any of you early orders receive your clamps yet. I will let you know when I receive mine. I haven't heard anything yet from Amazon. 

I received an email from Amazon and they updated my delivery date from July 15 to the 9th. So I expect to receive a note saying it has shipped. Anyone received there clamp yet or got a similar email?

I received a email stating mine has shipped.  YAY!   ETA is Monday.   Approx a week or more earlier than originally stated.

I have received my note stating it has shipped.

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