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Hello all!  I'm new to the world of Kreg, and I am in the process of putting together my first Kreg project (a bookcase for my church).  I'm wondering about the plugs.  I bought a box of them to spruce up my project, and when I put them in, they stick out quite a ways.  Now I'm sure they weren't intended to fit exactly flush, but it seems like they don't go in quite far enough, and I have to do a LOT of sanding to get them flush.  Am I doing something wrong here, or is this just how they work?  And if so, do any of you have any tips for how to sand them easier in tight corners?  Thanks in advance!!

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Welcome Bradford , I use my table top belt sander to sand about 1/4 " off the end that goes in the hole first, try to keep the same taper and use care when you are sanding them!!  I would try one and fit it in the hole to see if you have a good fit then you can take that one and mark the rest of them!!  Also use my pad sander to get in to the tight places, good luck and hope this help,s you out , Jim !!

The plugs are intended to stick out the surface, so they can be finished flush.

After installing the plugs,

they can be made flush, using a "flush-cutting" saw, and sanded if necessary.

Can you suggest a flush-cutting saw that would be good to use?  I see DeWalt has a jigsaw blade that is supposed to cut flush.  Is something like this what you mean?

Bradford, I take the plug and hold it with a pair of vice grips and cut about 3/16'' off the flat end with my band saw. I have also put the plugs in a micro wave for about 30 seconds to get them to shrink a little if they are too tight to get them in the hole.


Rockler, Home Depot, as well as several others, who sell woodworking tools, stock flush cut saws.

Sometimes this saw is referred to as a "razor" saw.

The blade is flexible and there is no set in the teeth, hence "flush cut".

NOTE: this style saw cuts one the "pull" stroke.


Home Depot stocks this model.

Inexpensive and suffices nicely for cutting plugs and dowels, as well as small stock.



blades                                                                                      * oscillating tool

These are flush cutting blades for power tools.

* several accessories are available for this tool

I wouldn't use a jig saw for such a task.

The reciprocating blade will cause damage to a finished surface.

Bradford Congo said:

Can you suggest a flush-cutting saw that would be good to use?  I see DeWalt has a jigsaw blade that is supposed to cut flush.  Is something like this what you mean?

Hi Bradford , I do agree with both of the two other post,s  , that you can use a flush cutting saw and a band saw to trim the plugs  and that they must stick out of the surface a little to be sanded smooth !!  I would recommend doing a few test holes on scrap boards !!  I have had good luck with sanding the one end  and then sanding the plugs smooth with my 5 " orbital sander,  hope this help,s , happy wood working and hope to see some of your project,s when finished, have a great day , JIM !!

Kreg pocket-hole plugs are designed to work with many different thicknesses of wood, from 3/4" to 1-1/2'. It is not uncommon to have some excess plug extending past your workpiece surface. To eliminate this excess material and bring your plug to flush, we recommend using a flush-cut laminate bit in your router to trim off the majority of the waste, and then sanding to flush.

Another possibility...
Due to the climate change and humidity, it is possible that the plugs have gained some moisture and swollen up, making them snug and unable to fit. A weird yet simple solution is to try sticking your plugs in the microwave for a few seconds. This will draw the moisture out and they should then fit in your pocket holes perfectly.

If the problem persists, please get in touch with the Kreg Customer Service Team. You may reach them by phone at 800-447-8638 or online at

Thanks everyone!  I think I'll be heading out to Home Depot to grab a saw.  I appreciate all of the help!!

I agree with Ken. Use a  "flush cut trim saw". Wait til the glue dries up and flush cut the plug with minimal sanding. (It's the method I use myself and works best for me.)

Garry Stieglers Kreg's Trim Carpentry  1st DVD shows using a Dewalt small palm size router with a offset base on a piece of plywood. And my Kreg Rep Mark Eaton suggests using a Colt Router with the angle base and a ball shapped router bit so there is no tearout. You should only take them near the surface then sand the remaining.

I just went the top video in skill Biulding and it is the one I was talking about I bought it years ago when there was no You Tube since it is on this site there you go on the right go to Trim Carpentry the one on plugs is the 5 one down there you go.

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