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At Kreg, we make it our top priority is to ensure that our customers get real use out of their Kreg products. The tips and tricks provided in the Kreg Plus Newsletter, Kreg Jig Project Plans, educational videos on YouTube, and the forums found right here on the Kreg Jig Owners Community are all designed to add to your woodworking success.

What we'd like to know from you, is how we can improve...
Do you find the Kreg Jig Owners Community helpful?
Could you have used more detailed instructions with a product?
How was the product packaging and materials included?
Are there any tools you need that we aren't yet offering?
Is it difficult to find accessories at your local store?
Is the newsletter content too simple? Too complex?
What other content would you like to see included in the newsletter?
Were the Kreg Trim Carpentry videos useful to you?

Please use this thread to give the Kreg Family a better idea of what you need in order to advance on your woodworking journey, and to let us know where we're succeeding so far. Thanks!

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How come you  dont use the hole in end for the wrench

angie brashears said:

I use my Kreg Master all the time, it is stationary, affixed to my Kreg bench...It would be nice if it was magnetic...if only a side to affix my Allen wrench too. I hate searching for it and am always afraid to lose it. 
I think this community is absolutely the best!  I've learned so much here. To encourage participation, more plans posted, I think giveaways, such as a clamp, box of screws etc would be great! Especially on holidays, such as Mother's Day!

There are many Master Kreggers on this site, that help the newbies immensely. This site is the reason I use my Kreg so much, and why I've been so successful with it.

Thanks for your Consideration,

Angie, So CA 

Rick, any chance on those pics?? Pat

I uploaded 5 pics on Sunday in the photo area. My explanation did not make it. I will upload again in the forum section in the next day or two.


As we get older, the eyes aren't what they use to be . Therefore I have a suggestion . Would it be possible to make the numbers on the jigs in a different color , other than blue ? It is difficult to see the settings when the numbers are the same color . Hope this can be done an I thank you for your time . Wayne Hutchinson


Fill-in the markings with liquid ''white-out'' or ''white crayon''.

Using a magnifier enlarges the images, and makes them more readily identifiable. 

Wayne Hutchinson said:

As we get older, the eyes aren't what they use to be . Therefore I have a suggestion . Would it be possible to make the numbers on the jigs in a different color , other than blue ? It is difficult to see the settings when the numbers are the same color . Hope this can be done an I thank you for your time . Wayne Hutchinson

I'll pay the $100.00 for a micro jig in the  ALUMINUM VERSION like the K-2 but intel then I'll use my home one.


  • KREG JIG - (ALUMINUM VERSION) Just curious if Kreg has ever considered design/building an Extruded Aluminum Kreg Jig fixture (kit, etc) and components.  I well understand the plastic is less expensive and you bring in many customers due to an affordable price which equates to positive earnings for Kreg.  Kreg seems to be well absorbed into options which I love, they get pricey, but since Kreg seems to be all about options, a billet Kreg Jig might make sense.  No more hard to read lettering (inscribed into the blue anodized aluminum, etc).  It probably wouldn't be cost effective and won't happen, but again, just curious if Kreg ever even considered it.
  • ROUTER TABLES - (Precision Fence for Benchtop Table) The Kreg PRS2000 Precision Benchtop Router Table should have been designed with it's own Precision Router Table Fence made for this table and it should also include the nicer insert plate which comes with the $500 Precision Router Table System. 

Since splitting seems to be a common problem with using pocket hole joinery, why not offer Kreg-branded #6 fine screws with a thread relief for chips? You don't really need a double auger, just relieve the treads along one side of the shaft.

The aluminum one looks nice, but you can't adjust the guide block up and down. Each one only perfect for one size of stock.

A slight movement occurs in the clamping---

when securing the work piece for drilling.

The drilling jig doesn't appear to flex---

and if it does, its not visible to the naked eye.

If the entire jig were to be made from solid aluminum, and machined, it would cost several hundred dollars.

It would be cost prohibitive for most wood workers.

The present design is adequate and affordable.

I think the most impressive thing about Kreg Tools that I have found during my twenty plus years of working with wood is the consistent manner in which Kreg Tools has continued to serve the wood worker. The manner in which Kreg tools has put their customers at the front of their interest is commendable.
The service Kreg Tools is providing is first rate and it seems like it does not matter if is something as small as a screw that is missing or the failure of a tool part or a tool, it has been Kreg's policy to make it a top issue of importance to see that the problem is resolved.
I know of very few companies whom practices this policy as high in their priority. It is usually once they have the customers money it is usually the "forget the customer and forget about service" and if it does care it is usually the old "Get around to it" method where you wait on someone to reply if they ever do.
Kreg has shown over the years that it cares about the dollar a customer pays out and continues to attempt to provide the best service and training and high priority in the improvement of customer knowledge base.
A good example is the news letter that contains items of interest and always has some items of interest and often times items that are nice to read as a "refresher" on topics we often practice.
The creating of the Kreg Jig Community is another shinning example of which Kreg Tools has shown that it cares about You and Me by providing a place where we can gain and share knowledge between many. It creates new ideas and is creating a new life to the fast disappearing craftsman and the woodworking art that our schools for the most part has abandoned.
Kreg has provided a representative to take care of the needs of running the Kreg Jig Community, of which recently demonstrated a strong desire to see that this program continued without problems.
I'm referring to the recent rash of "Spammers" when the Kreg Rep came in on a weekend to take care of the almost shut down site because to the large amount of spam that generated on a weekend. Here again I do not know of another company of which would respond this way unless it was them receiving a large amount of revenue for doing so.
In closing, Kreg has asked for input from the Community, so I just gave mine. Sure they can always improve tools and tooling and create new products, but I happed to think Kreg is doing a fine job and continuing the service I mentioned above is the best manner in which they can continue to bring You and Me the very best of woodworking happiness. I think kreg has an excellent program of promoting new products and maintaining service to their old product line.  I am appreciative of what Kreg has provided to me as it sure had made my life as a wood worker easier.


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