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Here are some tips I’ve learned on how to post to the Kreg
including text formatting and adding links and photos

It is easy, you do not need to know how to write code.

Most everywhere you can write, you will find buttons like these:  

They look a little different throughout the site, but act similar:

(For Forums, the "File" is further down the page)

I am going to walk through making a blog showing 3 things:

1) Add text formatting

2) Add a link

3) Add a photo

Steps to add text formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike through...) - let's bold"cutting oak" in this blog:

Step 1) Select the text you want to format:

Step 2) Click the format button (in this case Bold):

That's it!  Some HTML code is added (<b>...) that will bold the text.

(For Forums, you will not see the code, it will look like the finished posting)

Steps to add a link- let's add a link from Brian's name to his page:

Step 1) In a separate window, go to the page you want to link to and copy the address (e.g.

Step 2) Select the text you want the link to be attached to: (e.g. "Brian")

Step 3) Click the "link" button:

This causes a pop-up to come up:

Step 4) Paste the address you copied into text box and press "OK"

The pop-up goes away and your text looks like this:

That's it!  Lots of HTML code is added (<a ... a>), and that text will be "linked." The blue and underline is added automatically.

(For Forums, you will not see the code, it will look like the finished posting)

Steps to add a photo - let's show a photo of the taped wood.

Step 1) You can add a picture anywhere in the text.  Put your courser where you want the picture to appear, then press the "photo" button.

The photo pop-up comes up:

Step 2) Click "Browse..." and navigate to your photo (this will act like your standard file folders - click on the file, then click "open"). The pop-up will now look like this:

Step 3) Click "add" in the pop-up.  The pop-up will go away and your blog looks like this:

That's it!  A whole lot of HTML code is added (<p ... p>), the photo will appear there.
(For Forums, you will not see the code, it will look like the finished posting)

And you are done!  

This is the finished posting:

(I added a link from "blue painter's tape" to a Web site that talks more about it.)

Here is a link to the finished blog, (click on the underlined text to get there).  Let me know what you think!

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Thanks for the post, Jenny. Lots of helpful stuff there.
Excellent tutorial Jenny. Thank you very much. I am about to post photos of my first project to the forum. This should help me do it correctly.
James Waller said:
for future use you can "Bookmark" or add to your "Favorites" this page.

James, Can you bookmark and favorite on this site, or are you doing it through your standard browser interface? (I can't figure out how to do it on the site, but I would like to)
Jenny, thank you very much for putting this together. This will be a great asset for new members!
Thanks for this... I had to refer to it to post pics of my mystery wood. I know this took time and I appreciate it!

Not only was this a timely post for putting photos into a message, I also got to use the "blue painter's tape" trick at the same time. The tape worked and so did posting the photos.

Hey KregRep - What is the difference between a Blog and a Forum? How do we choose which one to use?
Jenny said:
Hey KregRep - What is the difference between a Blog and a Forum? How do we choose which one to use?

Jenny, very good question, and thanks again for putting this thread together. First of all, we're pretty open to however all of our users want to use the site... so we wont' be too strict on this. In general though, Forums are used to pose questions, start discussions, give project updates, etc. In general, if you can say that the point of your typing is to elicit a response, to engage in conversation... a forum thread is probably your best bet.

Blogs on the other hand are more of an online journal or diary. Blog entries should be used to document projects you're working on, or individual steps from your projects in more of a 'STORY' type format. You're putting your story out there for others to read and learn from. You can still use a blog to ask questions or get input, but it shouldn't be the primary purpose.
How do you get a photo up to use as a profile picture.?
Kind of wish I had some help trying to upload a video.Actually I did get help from Kreg Jig but it did not work for me soI ended up going to YouTube and it got loaded on how to make pocket plugs
Go to "MY PAGE" (part of your profile) and right click on the photo icon. You can then upload a photo from your computer to your profile.

Larry Nicholas said:
How do you get a photo up to use as a profile picture.?
Thank very much.I just was not cut out for high tech just wood and saws

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