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Rail and Stile constructions with Kreg Jig and pocket screws

I have a quick question.  When any of you use the kreg pocket screws to join rail and stile how do you cut the grove for the panel?  Or do you do a rabbet after its joined and glue and pin the panel in after?  Thanks

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You can rabbet it after the fact and carefully use a chisel to cut in the corners for the panel.

Since it is not floating in a dado, what do you recommend for holding the panel in the frame? 

If my panel is plywood, can I use something a little flexible like PL adhesive or hot melt glue, rather than yellow glue? 

There are several ways to go about it. If its a small door that you are trying to build I would rabbet the frame, set the panel into it and use glue, glass bead and small finish nails and that will all depend on the thickness of the frame and the thickness of the panel and depth of the rabbet.

What about like a side panel for say a dresser build?  Could I still go the rabbet route (pun) w/ glue and brad nails or would you do a more tradition joint like cope and stick?

Not sure. I you can find a picture and post it on the blog of the exact look you are looking for I am sure you'll get a lot more answers from everyone here. Without knowing the exact look you're trying to achieve, none of us will really be able to solidly answer your questions. 

Denny, I have to build 6 large (35 in wide) painted drawer fronts with a flat panel design, possibly with a center stile.  Will it work if I make the drawer fronts from 1x2's, router rabbet the backside, and then adhesive in 1/2 inch plywood?

For that matter, is there any reason why the panels need to float in a face frame, if the panels are stable plywood?

Not sure what glass beads are, and not sure if brads are strong enough.

something like this side panel in the picture, does that give you an idea?

Not sure if I should start a new thread for this question:

Building a face frame with Pocket hole screws at all the joints...what is the minimum width of a rail?  could you put a single pocket screw in a 1 in. width rail?

If you're painting, you can just glue in plywood or MDF panels. Actually, for painted MDF may even work better. Just route a rabbet after the frames are assembled. Chisel out the corners, or, even easier, sand the corners off the panel. I'm assuming you are installing the panels from the back.

1x2's will work fine. You could use one screw on 1" but I do like to get two screws in to help prevent twisting.. probably just me and my worry wart... but on narrower stuff I go to the micro jig.

Matt B said:

Not sure if I should start a new thread for this question:

Building a face frame with Pocket hole screws at all the joints...what is the minimum width of a rail?  could you put a single pocket screw in a 1 in. width rail?

Matt is this somthing what you was talking about.

David - Yes

How did you accomplish this in the stiles?  No way you made those grooves on the table saw, router or router table?

Well ya it was a table saw with a dido blade. I have uae this saw from the begaining but it only has a 3/4 hp but dont try it with the new saw's they got out there but I dont what to tale you somthing that my hurt you.

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