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Ok, so I bought the Kreg Jig, read the instructions, watched the video, bought the wood.  Something is not right.  After I start drilling the pockets, the jig starts making loud squeaking sounds.  Also, the bit gets stuck in the wood.  I've tried going slow and varing the torque. I've checked and double checked the depth collar and the height of the drill guide. The bit after getting jammed, already shows scratches!  I just bought it a few weeks ago!!  In fact, a couple of the pockets weren't as deep as the rest.  Whats the dealio? 

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Hi Martie- instead of reducing speed of your drill, increase it. Set the torque setting of you driver to "drill" thus disengaging the clutch. If you have a corded drill with a higher rpm (2000 to 3000 or more) use that. Also make sure you pull the drill out a couple of times while drilling to clear any wood chips that may be in the guide. What kind of wood are you using?

What I meant by reducing the speed, I meant myself! I was trying to rush and jam the drill in but realized if I backed off and let the drill do the work, it worked better. Still, LOTS squeaking, loud rubbing sounds from the process. It's almost as if the drill bit is too big to place into the jig. It keeps getting stuck and I have to reverse it to get it out and some of the pockets aren't going the desired length. I'm pretty sure I had it set to drill, I'll recheck. I also have a corded drill, I'll give that one a try tonight. thanks!!

I was curious if it was all three drill guides that made this noise or if it was just one of them.  It is possible that there is a burr in the one bushing causing this.  If it is all three then there is probably an issue with the drill bit itself.  If you could let me know I would be able to better assist you.

Ok, so I rechecked by drilling new pocket holes with my original drill. I rechecked all my settings and made sure it was set to "drill."  Still with some of the same issues, getting jammed and lots of squeaking.  So...I grabbed our  25year old, "corded" Skill drill and inserted the Kreg jig bit.  It went through the wood like butter.  Unfortunately, still lots of loud squeaking from all three drill guides. Should there be grey marks where the holes were started?  Pocket holes look great though!

Hey Martie- grey marks indicate either wood burning (although burnt wood will be closer to brown- black) or metal filings. If the drill is squeaking then I reckon either the drill bit is slightly larger in size or the guides are a little smaller or have burrs in them. Maybe you should take the jig back to the dealers and get a replacement. One of the Kreg reps here might be able to help you.

The marks are definately grey. Part of me thinks something doesn't feel quite right, but then again, this my first time using the jig so I can't compare it to any typ of similar product. If I can get a decent pic, I may post it to get your opinion.  Thanks for your help!

''Dry metal rubbing''---(the drill bit in the drill guide bushings)---

can result in a grinding or squeaking sound.

  Apply some ''spray lube'' (silicon) to the drill bit flutes---or---

spray a small amount of lube into the leading end of the drill guide bushing.

  Insert your drill bit into the guide bushing, depress the drill trigger, and move the drill bit up and down,

and couple times to distribute the lube.

  Then proceed to drilling the holes.

  Bring the drill to full speed (2000-2500 rpm) before drilling into the wood. 

NOTE:  apply only a small amount of lube---a 2 to 3 drops should do fine.  

  Scratching of the metal is normal---the drill bit flutes have sharp edges, and will scar or scrape the inside of the grill guide bushing.

  When performing the drilling operation, allow the drill bit to do the cutting---don't apply excessive force.

The drill bit cutting tips will pull the drill bit into the wood.

Great!! I'll give it a try tonight. I appreciate all the help!

Ken's suggestion is correct. However, it should have had some residual oil from the manufacturing process giving you the lubrication needed.  If this does not solve the problem and you are still hearing large amount of squeaking when drilling your hole please let us know and we will take care of the problem for you. 

The lube idea is a good one but do not use silicone. Silicone can and will botch up most attempts to 'finish'  your piece. Now I know the side you would have silicone on is on the 'back' side, I try to keep silicone far away from all of my lumber.


I denoted, ''2-3 drops'' of lube---

at the leading end of the drill guide bushing.

That's not implying to fill the drill guide bushing hole or flood the entire length of the drill bit.

I have seen this problem before and say silly me you have your drill in reverse.

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