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I watched the DVD by Woodcraft showing the use of a bench clamp for installing solid wood edging on plywood. Can someone with real world experience tell me if this is the best way for me to put solid edging on plywood and is this the best clamp to use?

Here is a portion of the video on YouTube so you know what I'm talking about, at 3 minutes he talks about the bench clamp.

I have the K3 system and have also purchased a right angle clamp. If the bench clamp is the right tool then I will buy it as my next project is the oldest daughter's closet organizer which will need some significant solid edging on the plywood for shelf support and appearance.

Thank you for any help you can provide, Michael

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The right angle clamp would probably work for what you are planning to do. But, I find the large bench clamp extremely useful in the shop, it comes in handy even when I am not using any of the other Kreg tools, just for holding stuff. I actually find myself using it more often than the wood vise on the other end of my bench.

Good question. In my experience, the Bench Klamp System would be the best solution in this circumstance. The Bench Klamp allows you to throw a lot of downward pressure (even at the center of your workbench). If you're working at the edge of your workbench, you might be able to get away with using a bar clamp or even a face clamp. As Gary demonstrated in the video, you don't need to clamp the panel in this situation... just make sure the Bench Klamp is securing the receiving workpiece (edgebanding) down to the work surface. The screws will ensure the two surfaces are flush in the end.

Your two main options are either the Heavy-Duty Bench Klamp System or the regular Bench Klamp System. The Heavy-Duty System is best used for moving around the shop. You can rout it into your work surface - just as Gary did and Larwyn did - but it's made specifically for moving around. If you want to rout the plate into your work surface, I'd recommend the regular Bench Klamp System. This system has a much smaller aluminum plate which can be routed in to your work surface quickly and easily.

Here are a few more photos to give you a better idea:

Thank you very much for your help. I have ordered the Heavy Duty Bench Klamp from Rockler today as I wasn't sure if I would want to route it into my bench, free shipping from Rockler, yeah!
Thanks again, Michael
That is true, but if you do not rout it into the bench top you may want to add edging under the plate so it will sit level. the stud that locks the clamp to the base protrudes below the the base by three sixteenths to a quarter inch or so and if not compensated for the whole unit will rock annoyingly on the bench. If you install rails or feet below the base it would be decent portable vise, but routing it into the bench top will provide a flat surface for the length/width of your bench and you add the weight of the bench to that of the clamp, making it much more stable. The little aluminum base may work as well but I have no experience with that one and I am not a big fan of any system that places the softer "wear point" where it is the installed component. Just my opinion on the matter, not the "gospel".
This is the info i was just about to start looking up :) Thanks!

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