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Just thought I would start a discussion on woodworkers real jobs. It would be fun to no if there are lots of professional people using Kreg Jig along with people  like myself a retired  construction worker.

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Hi. I'm James from Georgia. I am a dentist during the day, woodworker by night.
I wish i was retired, But i sell printing like brochure and catlogs and post cards.. Need Any Printing????
I'm a marketing guy for a very large fortune 10 IT company who made it through multiple rounds of WFRs "work force reductions" over the course of the last two years. Ironically, I was hoping that I would be part of the last round so I can finally turn my part time trim and carpentry business into a full time thing. For the time being, I'm weighing the pro's and con's of running my own business vs. staying white collar but leaning towards self employment. Perhaps the next round of layoffs will help me make my decision ...
Hello Mike where are you located at do you have printing jobs i could quote for you, mabye make lots of money so i can retire and make wood projects all day lol
Hi, Jim, I'm a retired Electrical Engineer with a strong background in computers and computer hardware. Also, my grandfather, on my mom's side, was a railroad carpenter. He spent months on the road building bridges with nothing but a handsaw. Oh, how I wish I would have been older and asked more about what he actually did. I DO remember punch cards. Those that were smarter than me and could see that punch cards were "been there, done that", are now much richer than me! I've been into woodworking since about 1969. Oddly, I've found that quite a few other engineers and technical people are also into woodworking. Don't know why, but I might suggest that it is a creative gene that seems to be in many of us. While it is clear that technology continues to evolve, I would say that woodworking technology has also evolved. That is, there have been numerous improvements in tools as well as cost reductions. Used to be that you paid quite a bit for a tool that would last forever. But who wants it after you die and when newer tools have more features? As an example, my first router in the '70's' was a simple, 1/4 inch, Sears router that served me well. But, along came plunge routers, laminate trimmers, affordable 1/2 inch routers, router tables, and router lifts, all of which I have. Not to disparage those that use older tools and take more time to handcraft their projects, I prefer to have tools that let me do a pretty good job in a minimum amount of time. Jim, when you want to write some code, let me know. There are lots of coders but not so many good ones from past experience as a project manager. Can you say that about woodworkers? I say that any woodworker is a good woodworker because they are their biggest critics. They are either happy with their work or they improve which has been the case for me over my lifetime. Gary
Greetings friends. I live NW of Philadelphia and am a retired high school principal. About thirty five years ago, several of my fellow teachers would often spend our lunch break hanging out in the wood shop. We all developed a strong interest in woodturning and today, is my primary interest. Last Christmas, Santa brought my Powermatic 3520B lathe which has been great. I've had the opportunity to spend a weekend with David Ellsworth. We're fortunate in this area to have the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop/Studio/School and I have plans to take both the Windsor Chair and workbench building classes this summer
I'm George and a retired airline pilot.
I an x customer service engineer from IBM. A certified regional laptop support hardware technician until I got laid off the
year 2003. I am now a home theatre specialist at Hhgregg Co. I play tennis a lot,fish a lot and won the 2008 Rebel King
Tournament at Oceancrest Pier at Oak Island. I hunt every year for deer and whatever is out there...turkey or wildboar.
I am going to take Scuba diving class soon and do some spear fishing also. I love to work on woods and do simple carpentry work or projects. I am also heavy on photography,portraits,landscape or what have you. I do leather works,tooling leather,
hand lace pocket books,clutch bags,mens and womens belts etc. I do glass sandblasting,freehand engraving,gunstock
custom engraving and love to bow hunt also. I have several more talent that I will mention later.
Hello,I,m John from Fairview Park Ohio.I work for a large corporation designing and building machinery.I have been a machinist for thirty some years and am nearing retirement.I thought that if I could cut metal that I could surely work with wood.I built a shop in my garage and now spend quite a bit of time there.
I retired from the US Postal Service 5 years ago and I am currently employed at the Home Depot as the Pro Services Supervisor in Emeryville CA
I am Ben Summers from northern Illinois. I have been a Registered Nurse in the Surgery department for 8 years. I specialize in Orthopedics, which in its own weird way is like woodworking. I recently took on remodeling my basement and caught the woodworking bug.
I am a consultant on leadership and agricultural economic development.

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