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The portable alternative to the professional shop table saw...Festool TS 55 EQ Track Saw system.

This,by far has been the best and smartest investment I have made to date...Not sure if Ill even use my table saw anymore except for dadoing and such.This saw system is the most incredible and precise saw Ive ever laid my hands on..Where the regular saw may be as valued as someones bread and butter tool...This saw is the Rolls Royce of saws..

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When I first got my DeWalt track saw, I was wondering why I bothered to buy a table saw, but now I find myself using the track saw only to break down large sheets or to make long cuts. the table saw is my #1 tool, followed by my SCMS. I guess the change came about when my wife bought me a Kreg table saw mitre fence. As long as I have one straight side, the accuracy of the Kreg mitre fence allows me to quickly and easily to square up any work piece. I do agree about the accuracy of the track saw.

Never used one of these but find them interesting. I use table saw for a lot of smaller workpieces though. How well would it work say, takeing a 2x4 down to 2x3? 

In order to rip a dimension board, you need to lay the work piece along side another board of equal size, and make sure everything is clamped so that nothing can slip while you are ripping it. AND clamp the track in place. It can be done, but the hassel of setting it up is just not worth it. Set the fence on the table saw and feed it through. DONE DEAL!

kenny in Sundre


This has been my best investment in power tool so far.  I too don't use my table saw that often since I bought this.  Here are the benefits so far for me...

1. Easy to cut 4x8 plywood using Festool's 10ft track (bought separately).  No more placing the full sheet of plywood onto the table saw.

2. Splitter free cut on both sides with the edge guard.

3. Accurate cut using the guide track.

4. Limited dust when connected to shop vac.


Of course the only down side to this is the price but worth every dollar.

I agree with the challenge setting up the track to the right height. But the cut ripping lumber with a Festool TS is finished - no jointing required and only the most minimal sanding. I have bamboo dividers in our office cut on a $5k panel saw and the edges are mildly scalloped. And the bamboo I built with a Festiok/Kreg combo has much, much better edges.

The other tremendous TS advantage is making small adjustment cuts. Scribe cuts with very small angles, shaving 32nds for fit, ... The TS has really impressive control.

In my shop, I don't have a table saw and don't want one. About 95% of the time I'm thrilled to use the TS. Another 5% I realize a table saw might be better, but just isn't worth the trade off in shop space, danger for the kids, and cost.

Just my opinion and I thoroughly respect all these comments...

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