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Hello, My name is Troy Burns

 I live in Wv, i have the k4 Master system. and a few other Kreg tools. I have been out of woodworking for about 17 years,and now i'm trying to get back into it. I have lost track of which tools are good.

 I would like some help on the larger tools such as tablesaw, bandsaw ,and so on.

Any help will be great.

                                                                            Thx Troy

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Hello James

1. budget is not to big but, not to small. just want to get quailty tools.

2. The size of my shop is 12'x32'

3. Plan on starting small then moving on to larger.

Good luck on your decisions, Troy. I'm no expert by any means but it seems like today's tablesaw decisions start at least by asking yourself one question... "Does the safety I get from SawStop justify the price?" Sawstop if you don't know...

It protects you from cutting your finger off, but it costs a good $1,000 or more  extra from a regular table saw it seems. They 're very nice saws, but you pay for it. Otherwise, you've got Delta, Grizzly, and Powermatic which all make nice tablesaws!

 Hi Doug

 Thanks for the replie, I plan to try to make a little cash with the shop. I don't have any of my tools from before, most were my dad's and he took them with him when he moved. then when he passed away i don't know what happened to them. But when he moved is when i lost my place to woodwork and only now am I able to get a new place. Most of his tools were Craftsman and I loved them. But can't find them anymore. That's why i was asking for help on what to buy. I got to thinking was wrong when I said 17 years it's been more like 27, oops showin my age. sorry for the wrong info.


I sold my Sears table saw last year but kept my Delta band saw and a drill press. These are essential for a lot of reasons. I also have a good jig saw(Ryobie) and a circular saw that I can use for larger cuts if I can't borrow my neighbor's table saw. I also just got a new 10" chop saw.

hi Jan,

Thanks to you and douglas for the replies. going to keep all the advice in mind.

Check out  It's a good, safe method for sawing wood.

Hi All,

Anybody have experience with the Rockwell Bladerunner, would this be a good alternative to a tablesaw or bandsaw if your short on space?

Thanks, Rich



Try a Rockwell Bladerunner to replace some of your shop tools!


Richard C,


It won't suffice as an alternate to a table saw or bandsaw.

The ''bladerunner'' is basically a jig saw, with the blade ''up'', features a table, a miter gauge and dust extractor.

It's a nice tool to have, when on the go.  Very handy, light weight and takes up little space.

It's limited to the size of objects you can cut.

If one does a lot of cutting/sawing of smaller size project pieces, the bladerunner is very useful---

more useful over a jig saw.

It's great for cutting smaller objects, and cross-cutting or ripping objects, where a jig saw will not suffice.

The bladerunner does not suffice for a scroll saw for making tight/sharp turns.

A scroll saw can make finer cut lines and tighter turns.

If cutting curves in larger project pieces, the jig saw provides better performance.

A table saw is for specific purposes as well as a band saw.

If one has a small shop and limited space, a 9-10'' band saw is more appropriate. 

It can be mounted on a bench or stand, and is well suited for portability, for on-the-go jobs.

A 14'' band saw is the way to go, in a larger shop, for cutting larger size pieces, and for setting on a solid foundation.

When setting up a new shop, invest in an 8-10'' table saw and a variable speed scrolling jig saw, followed by a 10'' slide trim saw, then followed by a band saw.

Others may have their own opinions, but the above are my suggestions.

Richard Calsada said:

Hi All,

Anybody have experience with the Rockwell Bladerunner, would this be a good alternative to a tablesaw or bandsaw if your short on space?

Thanks, Rich


Thanks for your suggestions Ken, I do have a Craftsmen Table saw circa 1950's inherited from my father in law, Just don't know if I'll have enough room for it when I relocate.

Hi Rich,

What's the blade size, of your Craftsman saw?

Tilting table or tilting arbor?

Table size?

Does it have the integral motor?

Can you obtain replacement or serviceable parts?

The construction of the 1950's saw is a better construction over their current models.

Find a way to keep it, if it is suitable for your wood working needs.

If a homeowner or small shop owner needs a table saw, today's job-site or work-site saws are very handy.

They're portable, lighter weight, take up little space and easily storeable.

If one needs to rip longer project pieces, an extension can easily be added---such as a portable folding stand that has an integral roller.

For sheet goods, use a circular hand saw, cut the project piece a little over-size and dress the ends with a router and straight-edge.

Richard Calsada said:

Thanks for your suggestions Ken, I do have a Craftsmen Table saw circa 1950's inherited from my father in law, Just don't know if I'll have enough room for it when I relocate.

hi all,

 I would like to say thanks for all the input . helps a lot


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