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Another great project from the Lowe's Shop Class series with Keith Flippen.  A perfect project for Kreg Jig owners of all skill levels!  Don't forget to sign up for future Shop Classes at, and to post photos of your finished project, right here in the community!

Also, if you like these project plans, leave your comments below... or even better...  take a second and tell the great folks at Lowe's Creative Ideas what you think of these Kreg Jig projects, and whether or not you'd like to see more of them!  ;)

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Great project! Might build this one over the weekend... I'm sure the kids won't mind! LOL
Love it- I'm going to make this!
I like the project for the kreg jig keep up the good work
I like this project I think I will build this one question. one question at my local lowes I can not seam to find cedar.
great project it will even look good next to to the place
Great project! Just in time i just finished my pool deck and will start this today! Will be a great addition to the pool deck and my wife will love it!

I found this project to be the perfect way to start retirement and refresh my boat building skills,learned many years ago.

This is NOT a weekend project by any means. However, the video guides are great (they make it all look so easy!) as are the instructions and the cut list.

I worked with cedar, mostly purchased at a local Lowe's.  They lacked several dimensions and I had to buy cedar elsewhere in different sizes, which I then cut to size with a table saw.

I worked outside on my deck, during one of the hottest and driest months on record here in Virginia.  The wood was low in moisture content. But I knew eventually that rain would come, not only in August but of course in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.

I wanted a water proof box and the design clearly does not ensure this. It is curious that this project deck box would not be designed to shed water. So I modified the lids to be like deck hatches on boats. I'll try to include fotos to show this.  The hatch lids did shed water. However I found that rain streaming down the side of the box (which had been urethaned twice), upon encountering the bottom of the box tended to turn in and onto the end of the wood slats, which had not been urethaned. The result was the wood inside became soaked from the bottom up several inches. So I had to add triangular drip edges, urethaned, on the bottom of the box to force the rain to drip off.

I have discovered also that cedar expands considerably under moist conditions, i.e. high humidity, such as those that typify our Fall, Winter and Spring seasons here.  Thus the lid hatches have swelled and 'grown' sideways. I have had to plane the resulting excess to keep them from getting wedged together. I guess the only way to avoid this is to urethane all surfaces of the wood in the box, inside and out, so as to limit moisture uptake.

At the end of the day I am very happy with the box, in which I store tools and various supplies.  It is a great looking addition to our deck, that my friends admire.



Thanks  i will build one,just wish can download the video. Luis Davila

planning on building 2 of these for my deck. Any ideas or experience if it is strong enough to serve a seat.  200 - 250 lbs?






Yes, it will support the weight.

Robert Jackson said:

planning on building 2 of these for my deck. Any ideas or experience if it is strong enough to serve a seat.  200 - 250 lbs?





Does anyone know where to get the plans for this deck box? Lowes seems to have taken them off their site.

Robert Ferrell said:

Does anyone know where to get the plans for this deck box? Lowes seems to have taken them off their site.

I've been looking too Robert.

I found this link...

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