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Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System and the DeWalt 745 Table Saw

Kreg Folks,

Is the Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System compatible with the DeWalt 745 10" contractors table saw?



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I have the KMS7102---

that features a miter bar that fits miter slots 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep.

Hi Nick I have the very same table saw ,and the answer is yes the Kreg mitre gauge will fit the Dewalt saw. Their are small plastic adjustment screws on the side of the Kreg mitre gauge their hard to see because they are black , you simply adjust them in or out to fit your track . Make sure the gauge has no side to side free play  but loose enough so it slides easy up and down ,it takes a bit of patience and fine tuning . The idea of these adjustment screws is so the gauge can fit different tracks hope this helps Mick.

Used to have the DW 745 before I got a bigger saw.  I used the Kreg miter gauge on the DW 745 with little trouble, but it needed one important tweak:  The fence on the gauge is much longer than the available width of your saw's table to the left of the blade.  Therefore, even when you have adjusted the set screws in the miter bar so that it fits in the saw's miter track with no play, the weight of the fence is going to pull the bar up and out of the groove.  To combat this, and to prevent the fence from catching on the left front edge of the table when you move a workpiece into the blade, set up a support to the left of the table, at the same height as the table, for the left edge of the fence to ride on.  That will keep the miter gauge flat in the track, square to the blade, and prevent any catching by the fence that could screw up your cut.  I used a Triton folding stand with a piece of 3" PVC pipe in the jaw.  The miter fence rode along the crown of the PVC smoothly.  Look in the center of this pic and you'll see what I'm talking about -- the stand and pipe to the left of the DW saw.  Hope this helps.

Hey Russ - Was that a two car garage and you built a wall in the middle or was it a single car? I have a two car and I want really bad to build me a divider wall but I haven't convinced my wife yet. I keep scratching things off the "Honey-Do - List" so she may give in sometime soon. 

It was a one-car garage.  I'm surprised my wife didn't kill me for taking over the entire garage.  But that problem has been solved recently -- we bought a bigger house and I have commandeered a large portion of the basement for a new shop.  It's going in slowly -- the framing, electrical, and drywall are still in progress, but the layout and DC system are being developed.  I'll post a shop tour on my YouTube channel when the new digs are complete and I'm up and running again.  I'm sick of doing, framing, insulation, drywall, and electrical when I really want to be building furniture.  But none of those are as bad as trying to design a dust collection system!


Nice shop Russ , I made a extension table for my Dewalt saw to get over that problem.

Ken, Mike and Russ,

Thanks so much for your replies. Very helpful. And Russ, thanks for the photo. Bell well. -Nick


Applying finishing paste wax in the miter bar track---bottom and "both sides", 

will reduce friction, resulting in less wear on the nylon set screws, that'll rub in the miter bar slot.

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