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Hi Joann...thanks for the welcome.

I was attempting to make the outdoor chair that came with the K4 system, but ran into a problem.  I was using the 3/4 inch depth guide and the 3/4 inch setting on the collar to the drill bit, and using 1X4 wood.  I measured the width of the wood to be 3/4 inch so I thought things would work fine.  When I attempted to put the seat together I found the screw coming out of the facing board as it is was too deep.  Guess I will have to go back to square one and figure out what I was doing wrong.  I tried to get on the forum and chat to ask a question, but no one seems to answer.   But anyway, thanks for the welcome.


JoAnn Duggan said:

Hi Terry:

Welcome to the woodworking hobby.   I love the Kreg Jigs and they make it much easier for a beginner woodworker as well as an experienced worker.  You can make great patio furniture using the kreg pocket jig.


Terry Johnson said:

Hello, my name is Terry. New to woodworking and I thought the Kreg system looked like it would be a good starter point. I am living in Florida on the Gulf coast and the humidity rusts almost all the metal patio furniture.  I thought wood would be better than plastic, so I jumped in.

Hi This is for Terry Johnson.  As a sure way and short cut to setting the depth of the bit I use just a plain old nickel.  Lay the nickel on the base of the jig and then insert the bit, without the drill , lowering it down on top of the nickel.  The move the stop collar so that it will stop the bit at this point and it will cure the problem of over drilling the  holes.  This is how I use the jigs and it makes it a whole lot simpler.  Sorry I did not see your chat attempt until after you signed off.    Welcome to the community and hope you will enjoy your membership here.  It is nice to have you with us.

Thanks, Jay.  I appreciate the help!


Hello,my name is Charlie. I have really never done much woodworking but my dad has always done it for stress relief. So here I am just starting and my dad suggested I get the Kreg Jig as one of the first purchases I should make. My daughter needs a book case at college so I will be attempting that project soon. I live in east Texas.

Hello Charlie I am Donald and I too live in east Texas, in White Oak as a matter of fact. If you live near here maybe I can be of help to you, I've got a decent shop and love to woodwork but am new to using the kreg jig. My e-mail address is if you want to contact me that way, just put kreg owner in the subject box.

I actually live in Panola, Elysian Fields area. We are not too far apart. I am about 15 miles south of Marshall. I appreciate the offer and I am sure I will take you up on your offer. 

Hello, My name is Phillip (Pj), and I am very new to wood working, but what I am most interested in is how to make use of this tool while reclaiming waste wood or left over materials from renovations done to the house..

I want to build little boxes right now just to practice straight cuts and making sure I get things square..

and have you seen the prices of little boxes at "Target" as organization knick knacks.

Have started on the garden stool; using old decking... maybe I'll post my failures just to show other newbies "no shame" in trying...


Hello, my name is Dave, live in Amherstburg, Ontario Canada.  I have retired now to my little garage shop at home.  This may sound strange to all you Kreg people but I have been in the woodworking business for almost 50 years and never used Kreg Jig.  Well I purchase a K5 yesterday and about to start playing with it today.  Hope it's as good and joints are as strong as they advertise it to be.

Hello, my name is Brian and I live in Michigan. I am just getting started with wood working and using the Kreg Tool. I could use advice and some beginner's project plans. I plan on making a 3 shelf bookcase for my grand-daughters for Christmas. Any help would be appreciated .

Hi Brian , welcome to the community , you can check you the free project plan,s on the main page  and maybe you can get some Ideas there , have fun with your project and be safe , JIM !!

Hi I'm Mark from Austin TX area...  

I'm a 'woodworker for fun' guy...  I once owned a cabinet shop and built some cool furniture for the interior design trade, but hated doing it for money!  I prefer to enjoy what I build, and see woodworking as more of an art form or an outlet for relaxation.     

Currently building a 6-drawer bed from hickory/pecan lumber I had laying around, and just purchased a Kreg router table to make my own moldings. After I sold my shop, I felt naked for years without tools!  :)  I don't yet own a pocket hole jig  ( I've always done them on the drill press with a fixture ) but after using the router table and seeing the quality, there might be a Kreg jig with my name on it in the future.  

I like and am inspired by many of the projects I see here...  especially from the folks who are working on limited budgets and maybe limited experience. I'm looking forward to seeing more.  

I especially like to experiment with finishes...  various types of stains and glazes;  I once had a friend who was an accomplished refinisher who encouraged me to try different things.   

I have many other interests as well:  I play violin (in private, because I'm too shy to play in public), I want to one day build a Shipping Container house out in the country, I also have plans to build an airplane (out of aluminum, not wood).

Looking forward to seeing more here and hopefully helping where I can



Hi my name is James I live in Omaha NE. I haven't built anything yet and have no experience. But I saw an ad for the kreg jig and saw how easy it looked and now I have the K 4 master jig set and I want to bold a table for my kids to play with there Legos on I do t know ware to start and would welcome any advice anyone may have I'll let you know how it turns out .

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