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Welcome Bill,

    You will find a lot of good folks on here, ready and willing to give the advise that you want. Also a lot of projects

to work on. When it happens have a great retirement !!

My name is Matt. I live near Annapolis, MD. Nothing special here... Started as a carpenter's helper building houses when I was 16. Made some simple furniture on the side the next few years - tables, simple built-ins. Took a break for awhile, Army, college, brief career in accounting. Ten years later started my own framing crew but couldn't compete - too meticulous... Spent the next ten in the Mobile/Modular office industry. Refurbishing, setting them up, moving them - lots of treated decking, steps, and handicapped ramps. I'm a property manager now with the good fortune to have a 1,200 sq ft shop with my tools set up. I've gotten some nice ideas and tips from the Kreg site. I'm more of a technician than an artist. We'll see if I can contribute some stuff for you folks too.


My name is John Fricke and I'm from Yardley Pa.. I'm originally from New Jersey, born and raised there. Been working with wood longer than I can remember. Watched all the episodes of The New Yankee Workshop. If it was a tool Norm had, I had to have it too!

Hello, James here. I'm from Huntsville and I have been wood working, in some form at least, forever. My Dad is a woodworker too so I grew up helping him. My wife is also a woodworker. As daughter of a cabinetmaker, she enjoys time in the shop too. You should see the look on some guy's faces during conversation, the moment they realize a woman knows more about tools than they do! We make assemblage art together but we have been on hiatus for a while since we remodeling our home. One of our first dates was actually in my dads shop working on a bar project. 

When I started getting comfortable with my Kreg and realized how useful it was, I started buying more Kreg stuff, which led me here. The virus thing has got me stuck at home so I have time to do what I have been wanting to do for a while, a complete shop "reset". I'm going to service everything, get everything in order, replace what needs to be replaced and make some tool upgrades too. Most recently I bought a Universal Workbench that my son and I started assembling today. The goal is to build all new shop "furniture" with my improving pocket hole usage. 

Look forward to meeting everyone!

I am 77 years old and really getting into woodworking. I live in south Alabama. I am retired for a few years. I have been spending a lot of time in my shop during the stay-at-home policy.

Reid Menting, I am 75 and live in Va. Retired and, unfortunately I have tremors in both hands. Been doing woodworking since I was a kid but, it is very limited these days. Loved to make furniture. Have some Kreg Jigs and I love them. 

Hi, I’m Kathy from Littleton NC. Recently retired to the lake and looking for some new hobbies and thought I might like a little woodworking.   Hoping to have a new project going soon with my newly purchased Kreg k5.  Just can’t decide what that will be as I am a real Novice just starting out.   

Hello, my name is Adriaan. I live in Southwest Ohio. While I don't quite consider myself a novice I am by means no expert. I have put together some furniture kits and while I liked the result I found some to be rather cheap in quality. My space is limited and while I do own a Radial arm saw, Ryobi table saw, as well as a Miter saw.These are the biggest pieces. Years ago about the only way to join wood was with dowels and biscuits and I lost interest as well as the free time to do any projects. Now retired I have more time to do a few projects. I am waiting the arrival of my K5 jig Kit and have 1 or 2 projects in mind.

Hi, I'm Joe P. from Westminster, MD. I'm  a novice woodworker and enjoy creating things and making stuff for my grandkids.  I'm building a saw stand for jobsite saw and using my handy dandy Kreg-Jig K4 and HD Jig for it's construction.  I joined to contribute and share knowledge with others. 

Hi my name is Graham and I live on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, just north of Vancouver - my hobby and my passion is woodworking.

I have been using pocket-hole joinery for a few years and love the whole idea.

I have just purchased a K5MS kit which is a big step up from the basic Jig and can't wait to use it. I'm sure it's going to be a big time and labour-saver. 

I am a retired Jr./Sr. High school teacher/principal.  Currently working as a part time principal.  I like working with wood since high school. I have built most of my cabinets for my work shop. I love my Kreg jig, Christmas present several years ago. I have project plans that I purchased in college to do. Now I hav3 the time and space to work on them. 


hello chuck heck here in nw Pa. saw one of your kreg jigs at a woodworking show and i bought one about 20 yrs ago.  due to ill health have not been able to use it as much as i would like but i enjoy watching videos of all the thing you other people have made keep up the good work.

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