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At Kreg, we make it our top priority is to ensure that our customers get real use out of their Kreg products. The tips and tricks provided in the Kreg Plus Newsletter, Kreg Jig Project Plans, educational videos on YouTube, and the forums found right here on the Kreg Jig Owners Community are all designed to add to your woodworking success.

What we'd like to know from you, is how we can improve...
Do you find the Kreg Jig Owners Community helpful?
Could you have used more detailed instructions with a product?
How was the product packaging and materials included?
Are there any tools you need that we aren't yet offering?
Is it difficult to find accessories at your local store?
Is the newsletter content too simple? Too complex?
What other content would you like to see included in the newsletter?
Were the Kreg Trim Carpentry videos useful to you?

Please use this thread to give the Kreg Family a better idea of what you need in order to advance on your woodworking journey, and to let us know where we're succeeding so far. Thanks!

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Paint the graduation marks in the jig and block (which was shown on the earlier ads) which makes it easier and quicker to make adjustments. Bring back the K3! Switching to the K4 configuration just doesn't make since to me.
Glenn Deel: Said

I Am fairly new To Kreg Jigs. I Did Not Know Any Thing Like This Could Be Bought!! I Was Just Thinking Which Is A Very Dangerous Thing For Me? Have You Ever Though About Hooking Up With DAVE VENABLE On QVC On His Home Projects Program? I Am Poor Like A Lot Of People Now Days, And QVC Reaches Out To Millions Of People That Kreg May Not Or Can't Reach Out To!! QVC Also Has A Bill Me Later Payment A Payment System Kreg Does Not Have!! Just A Thought!!

Hello to the People at Kreg;

I think that your Kreg web site is absolutely GREAT. There is one thing that I might suggest adding to the site, and that is some way of “inviting” people that are shown to be on line to the live chat room. One other thing that I might suggest that could be done to improve the forum is to eliminate the repetition of previous posts. I would also like to know how to leave messages for other members with out making a new post.

As far as new tools and products are concerned, I would not know what to suggest for new items. I have learned to appreciate the functional aspects of your products and to trust the high degree of quality that you build into them. I have numerous Kreg products in my shop, including a router table and fence, a table saw mitre fence, master pocket hole jig, and many other smaller items. I have plans to add your PRS3000 router table lift in the next 4 or 5 months.

Keep up the high quality products and the good work on the Kreg Jig Owners Community.


The only thing I would need is more access to the srews. The Lowes near me doesn't carry them. If only I could get them, I would use them. I order them online but that for me is a hassle.
It is not apparent that there are written plans for projects such as shown in the videos on how to build three cabinets with an integrated face frame.  Is there such a thing.

We really need an alert of some kind to let the viewers know that some one would like to chat. It is, in my estimation a great feature and I would like to see it used more.

kenny from Sundre

It Would Be Great If You Could Get Up With Dave On QVC To Sale This Jig On Their Site. QVC Has A Bigger Audience That Most Sales Stories. Then All People That Want Your JIG Can Have One!!

Glenn Deel

glennzona via yahoo

Hi Richard - I've got the same issue. Nearest HD is a 75mile round trip for me and they carry a limited selection, like 2-1/4" blue-cotes. I finally bit the bullet and found a seller on eBay that had them and bought a couple of thousand in various lengths, thread and head type.

Richard Dickinson said:
The only thing I would need is more access to the srews. The Lowes near me doesn't carry them. If only I could get them, I would use them. I order them online but that for me is a hassle.

I waited for nearly a year to get my new Kreg Jig and really love it the only thing I wish is that my wife woild have purchased some extra screws so I could build more over the holiday weekend. I think this is one of the most useful tools I have ever purchased



Eliminate the the cheap spam
Post a way on the Kreg community site to remove one's self from membership.
I would also have preferred the option to purchase a metric version of my K3 Master system. I'm too young to have done feet and inches in school and don't think in Imperial at all so it's a pain having to convert.

Andrew John McConville said:
Hi, as a new user from the UK most european countries are now metric, including the UK, unfortunatly!!. I am lucky it was all feet and inches when I was at school. However, as Kreg is international I feel there is possibly a market out there being (missed) left out.



KregRep said:
Kevin said:
not sure how much of a suggestion it is, but many cabinet companies among countless other types of companies have "groups" or "libraries" of drawings in the Google SketchUp library..
SketchUp is pretty user friendly and drawings are alterable, you can spin them around and look at them from every angle and as close as you want. What if Kreg put together maybe 20 or so assorted projects in a SketchUp format? Not that I'm her advertising for Google. Man, is that a joke or what. But I recently found it and really like it. Any of us could access the SketchUp drawings, and say you had a bookcase on there that we liked but wanted it 6" taller and a foot wider. Seems like it would be easy enough to print out the drawing as is or alter it and be able to construct it from there.
Another suggestion: we call this a "community", right? How about a place on here where those of us who could use a little help with a design just ask? Surely there are some of us on here who could throw together a basic drawing for the ones that could use the help?

The SketchUp suggestion is a good one. I'll talk to a few people and see what I can do on that front. Is there anyone else here who might be interested in downloading some SketchUp versions of the Kreg Plans so they can be adjusted, etc.?

As for the community questions regarding design/drawing help, I would suggest using the forums! They should be perfect for these types of questions!

Andrew Cargin said:
It would be great if you could include metric measurement on the jig as well as the imperial.

Andrew, good suggestion. At this time, there are no plans to implement this change on any of the current Kreg Jigs. It's just not requested enough, and we want to keep the tool as simple as possible for the most Kreg Jig users as possible.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, everyone, keep them coming! We're working very hard to make sure your Kreg experience is top notch!

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