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Just got this email, there biggest sale save up to 83%. Just wondering what  the community thinks is the pearls to be bought. We all could use some more toys but don't want to be disappointed. What have you found to be a good buy? This sale is over March 13 so I don't have much time to make my list. Thanks

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I'm not a BIG HF fan, but they have a spray gun(HVLP) that gets good reviews and is on sale for $14.99.  I'm going to try it with some properly thinned S-W SuperPaint on a pine dresser/wall unit.  Wish me luck!  There's a Harbor Freight just a few miles down the road...might need to eat lunch in the area!
Hi Will, hand tools, wrenches etc are good. Clamps, the bar clamps are good, the squeeze clamps don't really get much pressure but are handy and cheap. Electric tools, iffy but cheap, kind of crap shoot there, pneumatics; some have good luck with 'em, personally I'm 0 for 2 on those. Good warranty but it is like two different companies dealing catalog/internet vs store. If bought in a store and needs returned, best return it to a store, if bought catalog/internet and needs returned, best return it that way. I'm 200 mile round trip from a store so I usually buy internet. I bought a couple items at the store once and tried returning it via internet. What cluster ****** that was.

Just visited the sale at the north Austin store.  Holy cow!!! The place was packed!  Perfect weather for a sidewalk sale...clear, breezy, low 70s.  Picked up the HVLP gun I was looking for.  Looks like it is designed 'strictly' for oil based finishes...can always use later.  I'll hit WoodCraft for their inexpensive gun that will handle latex finishes(per the features and reviews).  Picked up another 12v tiny air compressor for the vehicle.  Great for topping off bicycle tires...$5 on sale, includes a couple adapters.

IF you don't mind buying non-American and you need to outfit a garage on the cheap, you could absolutely go nuts in the place!

I would advise you not to buy any tool that plugs in from HF  There is a reason why items cost what they do, and that usually has to do with quality. Some woodworkers might be able to work at a low level of precision but if you get to be any good you'll want decent tools. As an example I'd been using a Craftsman miter box saw for a long time but always seemed to have a tiny problem. Finally I put a metal ruler across the face of the fence and found the problem: It was slightly bowed. That worked Ok when I was cutting studs but not OK for furniture. I tried to straighten it but wound up cracking it. at the time of purchase I had no idea that I needed to check to see if a fence is flat and straight - it's metal how could it be possibly defective?

Thanks Bill, That is so true I always try to buy the best that i can afford. They insure that the work you do is only limited by your level of craftsmanship not the limit of you tools. But I think the hf is good for some things like clamps and some tools. Before I make a purchase  I like to check what others for there  experiences and it seems that there are some good deals.
Will was concerned the sale was over March 13.  Not to worry.  They have never ending sales.  If the item you want isn't on sale now, use the 20% coupon (found everywhere) or just a short time it'll be on sale again.  There's a site called "The Garage Journal".  They have a pass/fail thread on HF stuff.  It's many pages long.  There's probably others.
thats for sure never ending however there dust collector which was 139 is a darn good investment.Also I purchase all my 16 ga and 18 ga nails there plus toggle clamps.Corded 1/2 inch drill is good plus all tools have a warrenty.

I agree with Jens the dust collector at harbor freight is a hard deal to beat, although this months wood magazinee has a coupon in it for the d c at 149.00 instead of the 139.00 we paid


I do agree with some of the comments about Harbor Freight stuff here, but do tend to disagree with some also, I think if you pick and choose what you get there you will come out ok, for myself,  I've had fairly decent luck there, I always get the extended warranty and most things. if it needs to be precise, then prob. won't get it there, have bought alot of nail guns there, and other power tools have had pretty decent luck with all. If I had to rely on those tools for my livelihood then no, but for me most seem to work out just fine. I bought their multi-tool, like the ones all the companies are coming out with right now, and it has been the handiest little things for different jobs around the place. To be honest, I'm not very good at woodworking, I try, but things just never seem to come out the way I would like, but I don't quit, I enjoy puttering around in my shop, so maybe I'm not the one to help you out at all.
HF basically specializes in junk.  Their power tools are terrible and their hand tools, including clamps, suck.  Save up your money to buy quality.

I have been buying Harbor Freight merchandise since the late 80's. The majority tools I have bought have done right by me. And I have bought quite a few. I worked for LSSI, a Lockheed maintenance subsidiary where we had to furnish our own tools. The majority of my tools were Harbor Freight with the exception of specialty aircraft tools ie. cleecos, microstops, cobalt drill bits, etc. I still have the majority of those tools in my home garage tool collection. I am a car nut and have changed engines, done suspension, body, electrical, fuel system , brake work and all that goes with the never ending puttering that goes with resto work on old cars with these tools. I tinker with woodworking also. I have their Mitersaws (2), drill press, router's, fullsize and trim, (1 Craftsman too) band saw, belt sanders, cordless drills, compressors (3) Pneumatic drills, brad nailers, fullsized nailers, rivet guns, nibbler, die grinder and I could go on and on. I also stock my wife's tool box  as she does upholstery as a hoby and has her own tools. the point I am trying to make here is that if you take care of your tools, and not abuse them, they will take care of you. I know there are many that will disagree with me but I believe that many people that use tools are name droppers and buy the BEST for bragging rights.

I must agree though that some of the stuff they sell is crap but one can spot that on close inspectionof the item.

I have purchased several things from Harbor Freight and have been pleased with them all. I have the 12 inch sliding compound miter saw and it is the best 100 dollars I've spent on a power tool. I am currently building a house with it. 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, cuts them all with no problem. Also have the big air nail gun and the air roofing nail gun. Only issue with these is you have to purchase HF nails for them. Not a problem, really. I bought LOTS. Also bought a plunge router. Everything I have works just fine and I saved some big bucks. I always check them first before making purchase decisions.

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