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I found a conversion chart between imperial and metric.
It's attached, ready for printing, hope will be helpful.

All the best

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Thank you, Enrico. A good resource for all of our non-U.S. customers.
Not only for non-U.S. woodworkers. I taped a print-out to the inside of a shop cupboard and have referred to it numerous times (even had to look to it for a plumbing question). Thanks, Enrico!
Thanks this is great I was forever looking and by time I found it I forgot why I needed it.ALZYMERS hahaah
You're welcome.

Cheers from Italy
I have been using the metric for some 30 years now and the question I have is why would someone try and convert over to one system to the other. As a tradesman if I brought a imperial tape to the job site that is metric and my foreman found out about it I would be led to the gate and not return until I had a proper metric tape, only because I dealt with million dollars of pipe and a simple wrong measurement with the wrong tape, well lets put it this way I put away the tape I'm not suppose to have and keep the tape I'am to have. Once a person understands metric you wonder why they teach imperial system. Another way to look at this is how many people are great with fractions as to how many people would rather do their math with whole numbers. Metric is base on whole numbers, and you only ask for trouble when you try to convert, since most of the world uses metric maybe sometime down the road everyone will use it.
Ed, I posted the chart a year ago to help conversion between imperial and metric because the Kreg manual was printed only in imperial.
In the new manual you get metric between brackets.

All the best

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