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After seeing so many wonderful designs for quilting, crafting, sewing and cutting I was inspired to make something that would fit my wife's specific needs. Spent a massive amount of time designing and redesigning it until it seemed to meet all the requirements I could come foresee. Used Kreg pocket holes every where I could for strength and portability since it would be too large to go into the room or get through a doorway. It breaks down into 5 modules that are easily carried through any doorway by my wife and myself. Four feet deep and five feet wide and mounted on eight casters for ease of positioning.

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Comment by Tom Furus on July 16, 2017 at 11:55am

re:  R. E. Woods

Thanks, the plan for the room was relatively easy, but time consuming to get everything created.  Started with the inside dimensions of the room as a box and kept adding on into Sketchup little by little.  The room took a couple of weeks just playing around, the Table, on the other hand took months of designing, having my wife look it over, make suggestions of what she was going to need to put into it and off I'd go again.  About 5 major iterations of the table and hundreds of modifications done, even during construction as required for everything to work.  I was in no rush and was using this as a learning experience to improve my skills in woodworking.

Comment by Susan Story on July 15, 2017 at 10:52am

This plan is totally brilliant!!  I love sewing for Quilts of Valor but need a sewing/craft table where I can work and have everything I need in one place.  Your plans meet everything I could ever want and then some. I have searched through many different plans but yours is the best I've ever seen.  Great job.  I would love to make one.

Comment by Robert on February 21, 2017 at 9:59am
That's nice looking.
Comment by Tom Furus on January 26, 2017 at 7:23am

My wife has proved that she has infinite patience in my many projects.  She is also the inspiration for many of them too, so it really works out quite well.  I measured every inch of the room, closet, doorway, windows walls, outlets and ceilings and set out to put it down in Sketchup.  Took what was my former office and since I am now retired, I no longer had the need for one, but I did maintain a small area for working, the closet!  Amazing what you can do with a small area.  I'll post more pictures of the designs later.  I laid out the room in Sketchup to be able to fit everything in both comfortably and logically for efficient use of space (yes, I have been told I tend to overthink things, but I have come to accept and appreciate the art of overthinking as a form of "logical thinking").

I started the table with a plan of 4 feet by 6 feet and after placing a rough designed table, it became apparent it would be too crowded (yes, that's a treadmill in the corner, she wanted to hang onto on for now).  Brought the size down to 4 feet by 5 feet with a toe kick for standing and cutting at counter height and that includes the 8 casters.  From there it was finding out what she "needed, would like to have and might want" so I could start to put a design plan together. 

Over the course of several months and multiple iterations of designs and me learning how to use Sketchup with Kreg pocket holes as a construction plan, I came down to a general design that she would like.  Most importantly, I wanted to give her everything she would wanted in the final result, which was subject to change on a daily basis whenever she or I had a thought or idea we liked for it.  

During the design phase, I was also designing the room remodel to accommodate the metamorphosis from office to Quilting/Sewing/Craft/Office.  Tear out the carpet, moldings, wallpaper and chair rail so it could progress to the next stage.  Another very good reason to "embrace" overthinking.  I'll continue this perhaps at another time, I know I have gone on and on, but that's what we overthinkers tend to do.  Later maybe!

Comment by R. E. Woods on January 26, 2017 at 1:49am

Kudos! I don't build fast enough (or maybe nice enough) for my wife. She went and purchased hers. How long did it take to draw that and the room?

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