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Len, Manton, and Orlando... welcome to the community! We're glad that you discovered the Kreg Jig, and glad to have you here! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the forums. If you get a second, click on 'My Page' at the top of the screen and upload a profile photo of yourself, and don't be afraid to make comments on photos or upload your own! We enjoy seeing what projects everyone is working on, and just how they were built!

Until the next time, good luck and good woodworking!
Hello everyone Dave here from Concord california. Joined this site about a month ago and have found alot of information here. Have only used this Kreg jig once so far on a shelve for my daughter and found it very easy to use. Now I can't wait to get some more sawdust therapy in my garage as the weather warms up and try out the Kreg on other projects I have in mine.Take care all.
My name is John and I'm from Northern California and currently live in the Central Valley of California. I don't have a lot of experience in woodworking and didn't even take woodshop in school. My wife has me taking on more complex projects arround the house and yard so with a little bit of arm twisting, she got me a Kreg Jig for Christmas. So far I've built a fence and dog house using my new toy. I joined this community to see if there are any other projects that might spark my creative energy. I'm looking for something like a park bench project and then a gazebo and decking project.

Hello everyone!

My name is Arthur and I am in Rancho Cordova, CA. I am new to woodworking and am looking forward to learning from you. Goodness knows I am gonna need all the help I can get. I have already poked a hole in my jig because I didn't tighten down the collar enough!!! No major damage, but a good first lesson learned! Anyway, I will keep you posted on my progress!

Erik - Twin Cities (MN)
Hi everyone. Just got the kreg k3 last night and tried it out right away. After I drilled the pockets, I thought they were too far away and would not make a strong joint. I was surprised!

I was using scrap 2 x 4's to test it out on. I was a little confused on where to place the bit collar. It looks like the guide says that 1 1/2 was off the bit mold. When I saw an online demo the guy just had it in the mold all the way up.
Hi. My name Gordon Davis and live in the Catskils in New York. I like to build small projects in my work shop. Nothing to hard but sometimes I'll give it a try.
Hello all, My name is James, I am from Sacramento, CA. I would say that I am a beginner, as it has been over 22 years since high school which was the last time I did any woodworking. I do remember some of the basics, but lack the tools the shop had. I have been telling myself that once we own a house I would then start to buy major tools (that is, that they are not the little tool sets that you buy for fix-it). Well still don't have the garage to do that yet, but when I saw the Kreg Jig on the DIY network I just could not pass on this one. Now my mind is racing a mile a minute with projects I want to try. Maybe because I keep seeing the wonderful pictures of the projects you all have made. Stop it, I do not thing my keyboard is drull proof (just kidding). keep up the graet work and great ideas. Although I will agree with a previous post that I too would like to see that the projects where indeed made with the Kreg Jig and see how it was accomplished.
hi my name is paulim 53 and alife member of the handyman club
Hello! My name is Llinda Woods. I redo old houses built from about 1900 to 1940. I am always looking for ways to make my job easier. I usually work alone and the Kreg JIG and clamps make a lot of things possible (instead of a helper). I also do a lot of work with my router and router table. They are a great match. My current project is my own bathroom. It has all of the surprises of most old houses. I find that I use the portable aspect of the Kreg Jig as much as the stationary setting. I mounted the jig on a board that I can easily take with me to job sites.

Hi Everyone, My name is Kev and i am from UK, I have always liked woodwork but never really done anything about it until now, I have the R3 kit to get me started.
Hi, everyone! I've dabbled with wood most of my life but only got into serious projects about 12 years ago. I did a few small items using plans from magazines, then graduated to designing furniture for our home. I was introduced to the Kreg pocket hole jig a few years ago in a commercial shop. I am retired now and recently added the Kreg Master system to the lineup of tools in my home shop.

You can see my shop and some of my completed projects on my website:

Bill Arnold
Thomasville, GA

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Merry Christmas r3

 Hi all Santa left me one under the tree the elf thar made it must have had a bad morning because one gray tab is metric and the other one is imperial help Santa what do I do

thanks Eric 

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Festool Domino 500

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Kreg Foreman

I have built many kitchens and finally decided to buy the Foreman, because my latest kitchen consisted of 28 cabinets and I was over my hand hurting from all the drilling, moving the clamp etc., it seemed like a smart choice.



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