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How many have converted to LEDs ? I just rewired my sockets but waiting for bulbs.

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I purchased replacement Feit LEDs tubes that fit into standard T8 or T12 sockets.  Once I put the first set in I had to run out and get more to re-do the whole shop.

They seem to provide more light than even new fluorescent tubes, the light is cleaner with no flicker and when it's cold, I don't have to wait for them to warm up to get the full light output.

That's what I am waiting for thanks for the comment.  I had planed on mounting the light fixtures today but got called into work early today. Bulbs will be here Saturday.

I didn't convert, but I did just wire my shop and I installed LED shop lights. I have a 24 x 24  building....I installed six of the 4ft double LED shop lights. I was a little worried about not having enough light because I had never used LED's.......but those worries were unfounded....those things are bright !  I'm very happy with the amount of light, and the color. I would definitely recommend the LED lights.

Thanks Rich I need to get fixtures mounted.

Bulbs came today wasn't supposed to be here until Saturday. Tested all 4 bulbs all worked had fixture wired but not mounted on the ceiling. I have to finishing wiring the other fixture and mounting both.

I installed the bulbs this morning. I got to say that this is the one of the biggest improvements I have made to the working conditions in my shed. The shop lights are much brighter and virtually 

 eliminates shadows. Here is the link which I purchase from no tax or shipping charges.
Easy to modify t8 fixtures watch the youtube videos .

I decided to put the old T12 light fixtures in my carport bought new T8 sockets in place of T12 only make t8 leds

removed balasts and wired per direction  many utube videos that show you how. Just did my first upgrade a week ago. Price dropped from 13.48 to 10.99 company does not charge tax or shipping

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