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I got the cyclone installed yesterday and am most impressed with it.  I have owned the 2hp Harbor Freight and then upgraded to a 2HP Shop Fox (1550 CFM) so as with every machine I've ever owned I seem to buy 3 before I get to the one that really works.  Some form of dust collection is better than no dust collection at all, with my previous bag collectors I used a Delta Air Filtration unit and it did a good job of picking up all the fines.

This is a 3HP (Leeson Motor), 1100 CFM @3.3 SP, I ordered the 55 inch drum which makes the unit 96.6" tall.  The packing was done extremely well with non expanding foam and arrived in great shape.  It took me 2 hours to get everything installed and I was able to do it by myself, but it would have been easier with 2 people for sure. 

I'd have to say that this unit is quieter than the Shop Fox by far and the airflow is much greater to my machines.  I figured I have almost 4" of static pressure loss to my table saw, which should put me close to 1000 CFM at that machine.  When I turned the machine on for the first time the flex hose jumped off of the floor to the table saw and I was amazed at how well the airflow was compared to the dust collectors I've had in the past.  The Hepa filtration is also a huge plus, not that I can see a micron, but with all the dust I sent through it, I couldn't see or smell a leak.

Oneida was the only company that answered the phone and could answer all of my questions when I called.  I called/emailed Grizzly and Penn State as well.  The Rep. at Oneida didn't try to upsell me on the Gorilla line and said the V system was more than enough, and it is indeed.  The unit wasn't cheap at $1782 shipped, which included the larger drum, shipping and Oneida threw in a free remote.  The Grizzly was $1414 shipped, but wasn't made in the U.S.A. either, so the customer service, made in the U.S.A. and a quality made product. Wood magazine did a great comparison of Cyclones and Oneida did the best with filtration and that had bearing on my purchase as well.

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Comment by justin waldron on March 7, 2014 at 9:29pm

You bet Jay!!  Glad to see you back!  Ray:  Check out and they have a link to Wood magazine's review they did on cyclones that show filtration etc.  Grizzly was closest to Oneida in filtration, but Oneida took they prize on that end for sure, Grizzly and Penn State faired better on CFM's, but not by a lot.  With Penn State, they had no cyclones in stock for starters and in looking at the 3.5 hp Tempest I couldn't get over how the motor was drawing 19 amps for 3.5 hp when all my other 3 hp tools only draw 13, it made me wonder if they didn't take a true 2 hp motor and wind it up to the max to achieve those numbers or if it was just inefficient. The Tempest and Grizzly cyclones were $1400 and got mixed reviews on who you asked, the Oneida was $1800 and everyone has loved theirs, so I bit the bullet.  Now for your case with a smaller basement shop, Penn State does offer the portable cyclone that did get good reviews at 2hp.  I ran a separator can with my 2hp Shop Fox and I'm no expert with CFM, but the can killed the air for sure and that's the main reason I went with a cyclone.  The HF is better than no collector at all, but you will see a huge difference in moving to another brand at 220v, the Shop Fox blew me away at the difference, but we all live and learn.  If you can find a good bag collector used and add a Wynn Filter, that would help, they even make them for the HF and also do a google search for Bill Pentz with dust collection and enjoy my pain for the past 2 months of trying to figure this stuff out.... 

Comment by ray vile on March 7, 2014 at 8:06pm

Justin, Great review I'm still plugging along with the harbor freight dc, and for my little basement shop it works ok, I only have about 7' of clearance and that is in between the joists. I'm looking to upgrade but what did you think about Penn State Industries, They are only about 20 minutes from me and I get most of my turning supplies from them. They are also in the same building as MLCS and American Eagle. I was thinking about getting a DC from them.

Comment by Jay Boutwell on March 7, 2014 at 11:12am

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Thanks Justin for the excellent review of the dust collector system.  It looks like it will perform well for you.  The suction of this looks great and will definitely out perform the common dust collector.  I have a big Jet dust collector and from what you are of which I will now most likely replace with the type and brand you have selected.  I appreciate the information very much.

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