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So we ordered the tool and it was delivered four days later.  My husband put it together on Thursday and we used it this morning.  We have cut so many pocket holes I can't count.  We have about 120 boards cut and ready for our patio chairs and this is what I have been doing.  Four pocket holes per board with two on each end and will go back to put a single hole on the long section in all of the boards.  Some boards(7) only had two holes on one end, these are the feet to the chairs which attach to the front apron.  Two of the board lengths don't need holes because we will be attaching the drilled boards to them.  It started sprinkling so we had to close up shop and cover the boards up.  We moved the tools inside and will wait for the weather to clear, hopefully this weekend.

I am a bit sore on my right arm and my back, but that is par for the course with my numerous injuries and arthritis.   If I had been doing this with the drill I would have stopped on the third board because the pain would have been too great.  We have worked on the boards for about 1.5 hours and am at least 2/3 through the drilling.  Whew, I love this thing.

The Kreg company should be proud they have made a product that someone with lots of injury can enjoy using and know that the job will be done right.  I can also build a craft with my husband without feeling bad because I couldn't help much before.

So thank you Kreg for giving me the chance to enjoy woodworking again.

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Comment by Suzy on November 29, 2014 at 11:43pm

Thank you Jan, I just cannot say enough about this tool.  I cut about 100 pocket holes today in about 1/2 hour or so.  It is easier now that I have done it a couple of times and I am sure it will be faster the next time I use it.

Comment by Jan W. Nahorski on November 28, 2014 at 2:13pm

Great comment Suzy. I hope the Lord continues to bless your Kreg Jig projects.

Comment by Suzy on November 18, 2014 at 9:27pm

You are welcome for my thoughts on the Foreman, I do have thoughts on improvements to it though so I think I might run it by you.

The handle is perfectly balanced but it is definitely a large grip to grab onto.  My thought is to have interchangeable handles.  One large for larger hands and a smaller one for smaller hands like mine.  I have long fingers but the handle is still very large for me to grip.   That would be the only change I would make to the Foreman if I had designed it.

Comment by KregRep on November 18, 2014 at 10:23am


Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the new Kreg Foreman. We truly appreciate it when customers take the time and effort to share their genuine feedback on a new Kreg product. It's extremely helpful to all members of the Kreg Owners' Community (and anyone else who may stumble across this post) who have not yet purchased the Foreman, but are considering adding it to their tool collection.

Also, it's so great to hear that the Foreman helps you to build at a healthy pace, despite your injuries and arthritis setbacks. Project building should only bring joy (no pain!). And the fact that you now feel comfortable and confident enough to get out there and build projects alongside your husband. What a fun and rewarding hobby you can enjoy together!

Thanks again, and Happy Building!

Comment by Suzy on November 15, 2014 at 3:56pm

Your welcome Jay, I too was disappointed that I wasn't able to get much feedback on them except the numerous videos online.  I wanted feedback from regular folks just wanting to decide if the expense was worth it or not.  I agree it is worth every penny spent and maybe some more and I would do it all over again if I had to.  It's been a few hours since we stopped working and normally when using a drill my right hand would be very swollen and unable to open or close it, but that is not the case right now.  My hand is red on the palm near my thumb and I am a little sore but there is no swelling and I am without extreme pain.  I am so happy!

Comment by Jay Boutwell on November 15, 2014 at 11:26am

Hi Suzy,  Thank you for posting something about what you thought about the kreg foreman.  I was fortunate enough to be among those who did the initial testing.  I though it was a great machine and surprised and disappointed that you see very little about it posted here.  I know that the machine is worth much more that what they are selling it for.  I know that I based my opinion on my experience in the professional end of woodworking and really disappointed that the foreman has not produced more comments.  Your comment is refreshing and I am so glad that it has improved your ability to do woodworking.  I am looking forward to seeing some projects from you and your husband.

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