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i currently use my brothers garage or my parents porch to build my projects and just curious of the dimensions of everyones shop on here and how well the size worked for them? 

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My shop is 6' X 13' and goes up and down 96". it's on a four post lift. After I sold my 1964 Alfa Romeo I covered the open center with plywood and put my wood shop on it. When I want to work I move the lawn equpment out from under it, lower it and go to work. I have two VIKA folding benches, a BOSCH 4100 table saw, BOSCH router table and DeWalt planer that are mounted on scissor tables from Harbor Freight that I roll off to use. Also, a dust collector, shop vac, Ridgid spindle/belt sander and two roller stands.

Heat the shop with LP fuel and forced air furnace.  It is well insulated so not to hard to heat.  No air conditioning but have a 12 X 14 over head door that in the summer I just leave it up and it stays nice inside. (Hate them people with well organized and perfectly clean shops and trucks.)  (Reminds me of my brother and some others I know.)  (I always have intentions of doing that but the road to you know where is paved with good intentions.)

Going back to the post.  Doesn’t really matter what size the shop is.  If it works for what your using it for it is the right size shop.  The bigger the shop usually comes with more expenses.  Doesn’t matter the size of the shop or how many tools one has if one doesn’t use them for a purpose.  I need a bigger shop partly because I have a Sprinter work van and park it in the shop.



I have a 24' x 30' shop it's a bit small my next shop will be 48' x 72' two story gambrell roof that is top side will be 42' x 72'
to me the size depends on how much wood working you are going to do. my first was 12x12 and it was small for some projects i got into, on more than one occasion i had a board sticking out the door to cut it. when i retired i said i would get a larger shop the new one is is to big so i cut it in half and have cars in the front and wood shop in the back.

Hello Brandon

                    I have a 12'x24' shop it's really tight but manageable. Looking forward to build a larger shop out

                back to share with my sons welding equipmet. 

                Ya welding and wood shop what a mix that will be.

Currently I must work in a two car garage, which my wife's car does fit, starting today to use a shelving system to rearrange the stuff out there and throw much of it away. I will have to rent a table saw to make speciality cuts for now and the foreseeable future. :(
one other thing to consider on shop size. put wheels on your big tools. requires less space and they are easy to move around. i was going to make my large tools stationary, but thought wheels were better. you get more floor space to assemble projects and its easier to clean my shop. plus with my dust collector i dont need to run lines all over the shop, just wheel the dust collector where its needed. some people said windows take away from wall space but i have seven windows in a 24x40 shop with a 9x7 garage door. im so glad i gave up wall space for the windows. 6 of them are 4x6 sliders. the light and view is great. i can see the pool and the back yard. i would build the biggest shop you can afford.
i use my 1.5 car garage as a workshop rough dimensions are 16x25 .my tablesaw and jointer are on mobile bases as well as when i built my workbench/cabinets i built 2 of them on lockable casters. I find this setup is most efficient .if i need to cut large sheet goods i can roll out into driveway or tuck every thing away and have full use of the garage for working on cars. mobility is a key factor when dealing with limited space.good luck hope it helps patrick in memphis
My shop is a 12x20 storage building from Better Built Storage.  My husband and I share it.  1/2 of it is used for my shop and the other is used for a lounge area.  We are going to add onto to it, because I need the full 12x20 foot space.

I'm using a two car garage for my building and so far it's big enough for any project I do. Now there is 2 feet taken off the walls for my wifes ceramic molds. and my work bench at one end. I did lay things out so that if I needed to I could pull in a car, as long as I move my portable lath and and portable planner, which I built myself. My table saw is placed in the middle to where I can rip a 8 footer and do not have to raise the door.Thanks for asking.  Gary 

Making lemonade from lemons like everyone else.  My shop is a two car garage in a newer home so it just barely fits two cars.  And it just barely fits my tools too.  My workbench is a stock Lowes two door cabinet w/ wheels and an MDF top that I made after I ripped it out of my master bathroom during remodel.  It rolls up against the walls like everything else to get in the cars.  Not insulated at all and very cold in StL right now.  Also against the walls are strollers, lawnmowers, and typical family garage stuff.  I am a new woodworker so I have not taken over the garage entirely yet.  But there's still time!

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