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What happens when you get in to a fight with a tablesaw (You lose)

Well like a dume &%$ I thought I would use my big tablesaw insade of my jigsaw that was a bad Idel it my have been faster but it wasnt that safe.But Im ok the wife came home a patch me back to gather like she always does.

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I hate when that happens.

Glad it wasn't worse.

We all do it sometimes david ,i even caught my hair in a pillar drill .Pulled some hair right out soon grew back though ,you go steady .


Another reason I keep my hair short.

michael evans said:

>>>...,i even caught my hair in a pillar drill .Pulled some hair right out .../p>

thanks guys I now one thing Im updateing my fristaid box and not to cut pixyglass on a 2hp table saw.

Hi David, I'm glad it was not worse.  It is another lesson in life learned by making the mistake.  I think more accidents have happened when cutting thin material on a table saw than has happened while cutting lumber. 

It seems to happen when the air generated by the spinning blade picks up the material and gets it caught in the blade an it either kicks back across the top of the blade or in some occasions, if brittle will explode in a millisecond causing everything from skin abrasions and cuts to broken bones.  Laminates, plexiglass and 1/4" plywood are the worse offenders. 

Saw blade should be adjusted so only about 1/8 - 1/4'' of the blade is above the work-piece being cut.

 A ''finish or paneling blade", is suitable for cutting plastics.


An ATAF (alternating top alternating face) blade, or 

ATAFR, same as an ATAF, with an added ''raker'' tooth.  (The raker tooth cleans out the cut).

A TCG (triple chip grind) is suitable of cutting plastics, that can be used in  Miter Saws, Circular Saws, Table Saws and Radial Arm Saws.

Are you trying to scare me from using my tablesaw?   Ouch!!  Sorry for the mishap and glad that it was not any worse.   I am new to tablesaw use.   Can you explain to me how it happened?

No Mrs.Baske dont be scare of your tablesaw it's like Jay said I move down to a thiner piece of  plexiglass.

Ive been cutting 8' long and 10' tall and a 1/4' thick white plastic sheets and thing was going well but I move down to a piece of clear plexiglass 1/16'' and that is thin for anyone so that was my bad this time.Nice call Jay

I'm glad you're doing well - that could have been much worse and I do thank you for reminding all of us to take care.  With every success (i.e., absence of failure) it is easy to become complacent when working with our power tools and it takes just a split second between real success (intentional safe behavior) and an injury.  Heal well!

Take your ring off when using power tools.  

Thanks Rick that was somthing that never cross my mein.

I actually think the 2 hp saw is the safest size.  Larger cabinet saws have the power to propel lumber at projectile speeds.  Many times my saw has stalled rather than kicked back. 

Jay is right about cutting flimsy or thin materials.  Sometimes I raise the blade so that it forces the material down.  When cutting thin sections, featherboards can be attached to the fence to hold the material down.  Attaching the thin laminate or plexiglass to a scrap piece of plywood can also help.

David Dean said:

Thanks Rick that was somthing that never cross my mein.

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