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Introducing the Kreg Rip-Cut™

Available at Kreg Dealers everywhere


Ripping down large panels into smaller more manageable workpieces can be one of the trickiest, most intimidating, and expensive steps of any wood project. Even for experienced woodworkers ripping with the nicest table saws, you’re still forced to lift large heavy panels, balance them carefully to avoid binding and bowing, while at the same time trying to support the finished workpieces  and waste material as they exit the saw.


There is a faster way. There is an easier way! There is a better way.

Introducing the Kreg Rip-Cut™.


The Rip-Cut™ is an incredibly handy tool which speeds and simplifies the process of ripping down large plywood and MDF panels. No more taking your work to the saw, instead take the saw to your work. No measuring, no marking, no chalk lines – the Rip-Cut™ quickly and easily attaches to almost any circular saw, letting you cut pieces up to 24” wide with tremendous accuracy.


The Rip-Cut™ is a no-nonsense, straight forward, precision accessory for your circular saw that is so incredibly affordable it will pay for itself in no-time. It features a durable design including a solid aluminum guide rail, ultra-durable impact resistant plastic, an easy-to-read precision adjustable scale, and a reversible guide arm which works whether you’re left or right handed. It’s a super easy, precise, and affordable way to break down large panels for almost any project.


  • Connects to almost any circular saw – right or left blade
  • Reversible Guide Arm for Right or Left Hand Use
  • Makes rip cuts up to 24” wide
  • Rip sheets of plywood in half – in just one cut
  • No measuring, marking, and no chalk lines
  • 100% Guide support through entire cut
  • No need to remove Rip-Cut™ when doing cross cuts
  • Quick and accurate adjustments – no tools required
  • Lightweight/Sturdy Design for use on the jobsite


High Quality Aircraft Aluminum
Impact Resistant Plastic Polymer

Aluminum Guide Rail:
3" wide x 30" long

Saw Sled

6 1/2" x 8 1/2" saw platform

Guide Arm:
2" wide x 10" long
Minimum 5" edge bearing at blade entry
Minimum 3" edge bearing at blade exit
Cut Width:
Maximum 24"


Check out the Rip-Cut on!






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1/2 length wise so you can have 24x96 panels. It's designed for rip cutting plywood not cross cutting. It's competeing for the 8 foot saw guides people buy.

Ronny Roach said:

I can't see how you can cut a 4x8 sheet in half in order to have two 4x4 

Looks interesting.

I suppose if you dont have a table saw then perhaps this is an option for some cuts, but this may be an answer to a non-existing problem.

Looks like a must have for me!

This assumes that the end of the 4X8 is square?

If I am ripping numerous fir strips, then I don't want to waste my time setting up a track guide for every cut. 

This tool then would be perfect, since the rip guide that came with my Makita is a piece of junk.  I don't see this so much as a cabinet maker's tool, but a contractor tool. 

I don't like using the edge of the wood as my straightline guide and the 24" max cut is not useful enough.

It does say on the page and in the small video that it will make cuts from 1/8" to 24" and that it will rip sheets of plywood in half, not crosscut them in half.

Ronny Roach said:

I can't see how you can cut a 4x8 sheet in half in order to have two 4x4 

I would love to replace my table saw with something simple like this or others but my main issue is if the board is not straight from the beginning, then it is a no go.  Is that true?  Den made this point.

Den said:

Guess it's OK if the cost is under 20 bucks. It seems okay if the matieral has a straight edge to start with.

I might as well pay the guy at the home depot .50 cents a cut to make a 4x8 sheet smaller. I've had good luck with my T-square to make straight cuts.

I see the value in either final cutting or ripping the same width ply multiple times. I'll still need my track to rip down large sheets but I could make the final cut with this if its completely accurate.

It is very misleading. You can only cut it in haft 2x8 not 4x4

Ronny Roach said:

I can't see how you can cut a 4x8 sheet in half in order to have two 4x4 

Should we all go back to Carpentry 101? a rip is cutting the material long ways. this is a "rip-cut". Everyone wants it to cut 48 inches, I personally can not reach 48 inches to verify that the edge of the jig is staying flush with the end of the board. For that i will use my handy dandy 1x4 and 2 Kreg Clamps. For taking off 12 or 18 inches off a sheet of plywood this would be awesome. I have a table saw but once again i am not big enough to hold a 3/4" sheet of ply steady to make a safe cut. I can tell you this much its an easy sell to my wife so she will have the piece of mind that i am being safe looks like my next birthday or christmas present.  keep it up Kreg another item on my tool bench.

I agree with most of the comments being made. I expected something truly innovative from Kreg. As I love and have most of their jigs and fixtures. I must admit that I am a bit disappointed at this latest offering. I too will stick to my hardboard and plywood "homemade" saw guides. They give me a very consitent cut. $35 for another "gimick" is a bit exorbitant. Without seeing an actual "in use" video, i would think that this fixture would want to wander. I could see myself trying to push the saw thru the cut while fighting to keep the fixture secure against the edge of the plywood with my other hand. This sounds like a real pain. Just my $0.02 worth.

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