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Any idea when this will start shipping through Amazon? Looks like a perfect replacement for the Black and Decker Workmate that I cuss at every time I use it.

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They should be available on Amazon sometime next week. Thank you for your patience! You can also purchase directly from our website

I order yesterday under amazon prime . No ship date yet.

I wish it had the vise feature that the Workmate has, but the one on the Workmate is next to useless anyway. Flimsy and hard to adjust. And the two "jaws" never line up with each other.

I don't expect the flatness of a precision cast iron table top, but I do need the two halves to line up reasonably well for the work I do. While I wouldn't have a problem ordering through Kreg (their customer service, in the one experience I had with them, was astoundingly good), I know that I can return the item with free shipping through Amazon Prime if it doesn't meet my needs.

Canceled order from amazon still no ship date ordered from Tool nut in stock I have bought from that company before.

My order shipped already from tool nut. I will do a review when it arrives.    Anyone received theirs yet?

Haven't received mine from Amazon yet, but I did see one at a Woodcraft store today. Looked pretty sturdy. Didn't spend much time with it, as I was busy buying a new table saw. Will post back here after mine arrives.

Mine will be hear Monday

Received mine today much bigger than expected on the heavy side . Probably  twice the weight of the Black and Decker Workmate. I just had time to uncrate carry it around to get a feel for the unit. It is a heavy duty unit. Box it comes in is huge well packed. I did not try clamps or vise feature or dogs. If I was a tradesman I don't think it to be a portable sawhorse!!



I just saw the folding work table you made yourself, featured in an email from Kreg. Wow!

So, I guess my question would be: Why do you need one made by somebody else? Seriously, very nice.

My Kreg should be here tomorrow. Thanks for your review. I won't be hauling mine around, other than to fold it up to move it against the wall of the garage, so hopefully it won't be too heavy for me. (I'm old and lazy.)

Mine came in today, here are some initial thoughts.

I'm comparing the Kreg workbench to the Black & Decker Workmate that I've been using for quite a while. It's the model WM 1000 that sells for about $120.

The Kreg, as Gary mentioned, is heavier. It's listed at 40 lbs. vs the WM at 33 lbs. The Kreg is larger, so that makes sense. Folded up for storing, the Kreg is only about 6" wide vs. the WM at about 8". They're both about 32" tall.

For me, the WM is easier to carry, not only because of the weight, but because of where you can grab it to get a secure grip. You can grab the Kreg by one of the folded down table flaps, but there's nothing securing them in the down position, so that could end up getting dicey if the table flap moved while being transported. Not a huge deal if you're aware of the problem, I guess. There are hand holds molded into the bottom fold-up table of the Kreg, but they sit too low for me to reach them comfortably.

The WM has a vise built into it, which is actually pretty useless to me. The two jaws (which are the two pieces of the tabletop) never line up well, and you really can't put much pressure on what you're clamping before the "clutch" engages and the belt slips. More like just another pair of hands, maybe, than a vise or a real clamp.

The Kreg has no vise feature built in, but if you've looked through the marketing information, there are several ways to use the clamps to achieve holding power. And it's truly holding power, as opposed to the WM. You should take a look at those features and judge for yourself if they'll fit your situation.

Stability is where Kreg really blows the WM away. Very solid feeling, and while not precisely flat, it's reasonably so. One big problem for me with the WM was always the apparent flimsiness of everything. The boards that comprise the tabletops are fastened to the frame with plastic bolts and nuts. 'Nuff said.

Bottom line I am, so far, impressed with the Kreg unit. A bit heavy, but very solid, which I prefer. Not extremely easy to move around, but not that hard either, and I don't have to move it far. I'd recommend it to a friend, and if my opinion changes after using it for a while, I'll post back here.

The answer to your question is the bench I built was made of 3/4 hardwood and weight about  30 lbs. more than the kreg. I work in my carport it was to much to lug around. I gave it away to some who had enough room to leave set up. But when saw the new kreg design it was a lighter more portable and with the clamping capability.

I retired 3 weeks ago Friday. My wife works at a nursing home in activities and I volunteered to do a wood working project with some of the men, So I need something potable to use for assemble table.

The mobile work center had problem no place pickup and carry. Here is my solution . We have a Value home center they sell these handles in packs of 2 for $2 that couple of scrapes of poplar 4  thumb screws 5/16 the hex nuts. I bought should have been the square nuts . I haven't replaced the nuts yet.


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