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I just today saw the plan for the storage unit.  I wish I would have seen this before this past weekend.  I made a Kreg workspace.  It is simply a 1' by 2' piece of birch plywood with miter bars attached to the bottom.  I can slide it on my tablesaw (fence removed, and blade lowered).  It makes for a nice surface to drill pocket holes.  I was happy with the results. 


Then I saw this plan...

Kreg Jig Storage Unit


Now I want a shelf on mine.  I think I'm going to use what I've already got as the top and then make the rest of it.


One question.  On the plan it says to use the MicroJig.  I don't yet have one.  Will the normal jig work?

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Here's a picture of the workspace I made for my Kreg.  The only thing I need to do is make miter slots for it so it is held steady on my table saw.  Since I got a dang Craftsman table saw, it doesn't use standard miter slots sizes, so I have to make mine.  I haven't been able to find any pre-made ones that work.  


I want to add the drawer like on the Kreg plan.  Maybe another weekend.  It sure would be nice to have the drill bits and screws sitting right there also.




Did you use 3/4" plywood so you can use the regular kreg jig or are you using 1/2" and planning to use the micro jig?

I used 3/4" ply as I had some left from another project.


Thanks for the info guys.  It makes sense.  I was just confused as my normal jig has a 1/2" setting.  But I understand now. 





Hey, Doug--


I built the storage unit out of scrap 3/4" plywood--it's heavier, of course, but that's the only problem.  But before I did that I checked with Kreg, since the master unit has a 1/2" position, which, I was told, will work fine, using, of course the right screws.  I just have to get the track and another material stop.  Final report: my storage unit does the job and looks (I think) neatly done.


Good luck with yours.



Thanks for posting this - sure wish they would have hidden those pocket holes on the inside...wonder why they didn't?

one change I'd make is to hide as many of the screw pockets as I could.  At least the top or bottom pockets could be done inside to cut down on dust. 

I have an old jig.  wish I had a dust collector attachment.  always a concern since I have asthma.

Glad to know of the microjig.  I do a bunch of work in 1/2" mahogany, cherry, & maple ply.  2 jigs set for the right size would save me time.



I sure am glad there are so many smart folks out there.  It's making my life easier and easier!  Great ideas y'all!

The smart thing is collaboration.  My father, a homebuilder, recognised it.  He gave bonuses for good ideas that saved time without sacrificing quality.  I think it was Joni Mitchell who said 2 heads are better than one.

Wish I would have joined this group years ago.  I've learned a bunch.

Cornerstones of my shop are 10" contractor saw, 12" mitre saw (didn't have the $ for a sliding one), cordless drill & impact driver set, finish nail gun, and _of_course_ the Kreg jig.  Plus a few hand tools, just a few.  ;-)

All of the pocket holes can be hidden on the inside if you consider that the drawer support does not have to be a solid across the bottom. You would drill the holes in the sides and back for the top and bottom as indicated in the plans, but on the inside surfaces. Then attach the sides and back to the bottom first.  Draw lines parallel and one inch from the inside edges.  Use a jigsaw or holesaw to cut openings in the bottom to provide screwdriver access to all the top facing pocket holes.  The less material that is removed, the greater the integrity of the bottom. But also realize that the drawer does not need a fully continuous bottom for its support, just like any other cabinet installed drawer. You can now place the assembly on top of the top, inside face up, and install the pocket screws.
Robert's plan makes sense and is what I was thinking too. It has the added benefit of reducing weight - esp if all you have is 3/4 ply. Additionally, the holes could certainly be inside on the drawer. I know this is a shop tool and I shouldn't care if I see the holes or not, but my eye doesn't like it - something that adds hours to my projects for sure.
Great comments everyone, glad you're enjoying the project plan. Yes, almost all of the holes can be placed inside of the box, out of view... we just put them on the outside since this storage unit is designed for use with the Kreg Jig - so why not show off the holes!?! ;)  Enjoy.
I think the micro fits in the same holder as the regular jig, so one unit should work for both.

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