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It appears you're on your way.

  Make whatever comes to mind that you can use around the house or your workshop,

utilizing the tools you have on hand.

Book cases, step stools, work tables and stands, storage shelves, and whatever comes to mind.

  For ideas, plans, pictures and the like, do a google search---enter key words_ _ _, and go-to-it.

Make file/folders, with applicable file names, and as you find something of interest, save it to your file,

for future reference and viewing, at a later date. 

  As you progress, then add the necessary tools that you need.

Brad Barnhart said:

Hello. My name is Brad & i live in St. Francis, KS. We r in the far nw corner of Kansas. About three hours east of Denver, CO. I just purchased the K4 jig online. Have never used anything from Kreg. Am anxious to get started with it. I am a disabled OTR truckdriver. I m, by no means, a professional carpenter, but consider myself a fair woodworker. My "shop" is small. I have it set up in a room in the basement. I build office furniture, shelving & bookcases, screen doors, most anything wood working. And enjoy scrollsaw work as well. On occcasion, I need suggestions on a project, & am looking forward to getting started with the experience here.

Hi. My name is Ernie.  I'm totally new to the wood working scene.  I bought the Kreg Jig recently & looking forward for the future projects.

Hello, my name is Pepe and I live in Cary, NC.  Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved woodworking and making furniture.  All my jobs have always been associated with woodworking of some kind.  Just recently I bought a Kreg Jig # 4 and I completly love making projects using pocket holes.  I have the Kreg sickness and what I mean by this remark is that I want to buy as many Kreg products as I can so I can build projects easily, confidently and strong.  Thank you Kreg for making all of your tools, clamps, tables, screws, etc.


Hello;  My name is Mike, and when I retired about 5 years ago I decided to try wood working for a hobby as I have a little time on my hands.  After purchasing some wood working tools I begin to try to make some things.  I purchased a Kreg tool kit and recently started making some drawers for a work bench to ad more storage that is badly needed in my garage.  I was pleasantly surprised how well the project turned out, how easy it was, and the time savings.

Hello! my name is Richard from Houston, TX. It took me awhile to figure out how to post my intro. I hope this works. Don't know much about woodworking but that doesn't keep me from trying. Built a bookshelf and a bird house once. It amazes me how you can take a piece of wood and create something useful out of it. Now that I am retired this is a good hobby to keep me busy. So hold on cause we're going in.

Hi Guys (and girls),

It's Kevin from down under getting back into pocket hole joining after a few years of the jig sitting on the shelf.  Why did I stop using it I'll never know but I am back and waiting delivery of the master K04 set.


Hi, My name is Trudy.  I am from southern CA.  I have been remodeling my home from wiring to wood work.  Now I am on the furniture part and this is how I found out about Kreg,  I am currently working on plans for a low loft bed with a twin under, so you have a l shape with the lower bed partially under the upper.  Once I get it designed and built I will post.  Any and all ideas or suggestion would be a great help for me.  And trust me I could use the input since it is for my dausghters room and the don;t want bulky, so I'm having a little trouble.

Trudy,  have you checked the site Ana White?   Just recently discovered her while checking on Kreg jig plans.   She has many simple yet handy furniture ideas in her plan catalog.   You might be inspired with a idea or two with a browse.

Hello, My name is Joe and I live in Boise, ID.

I grew up spending Summers in my Grandpa's work shop cracking walnuts in the vise and helping him with wood shop projects for Nana. I still have that love for woodworking that Grandpa passed down.

I took wood, general shops and Mechanical drawing all through Jr & Sr high school.

I've always been the creative sort with a mechanical mind that keeps me awake some nights.

My father gave me my first set of Craftsman tools for my 16th birthday... and I still have most of them today at 44.

I've crossed over to Machining work and opened my first small machine shop back in 2008.  We now have a line of 40+ different models of aftermarket Precision Air Gun parts and are growing.

A wood stock and grip shop is in the vision of our little business.

High Pressure Air Sports LLC (HPA Sports for short)

The new website and store is under construction...

I bought my first Kreg in 2008 to aid in building work benches for the shop. I love the fact it came in a nice case and I have all the parts to it even through a divorce, 2x moving, opening a new shop and getting re-married.

I met my Carrie Sue a little over a year ago and we mesh so well that we got married last month.

We both are very craft oriented. She's fiber friendly with Knitting, Cross stitching & sometimes even spins her own yarn.

What a blessing she is. The #1 thing that attracted me to her so much was her ability to move forward from an shattered past, live for the future and love stronger for it all. But,,, She had me at custom fitted hand knitted socks!

I have some extra room in the shop and she has asked me to start a small framing shop for her and her circle of fiber friends. If you ever had something custom framed, you know the expense. It was cheaper to buy the tools and DIY. Soooo... who could say no to a labor of love and wife approved new tool purchases?

Time for more work benches!

First is a Cut Table where my new sliding compound miter saw will live and a router table.

Then a assembly/gluing table.

Thank God WoodCraft is just a couple miles from my shop!

I've all ready paid them a visit several times, drooling over t-slots, fences, Router table tops, jigs and so on and so on and so on...

Since I have both a metal working mill and a lathe, I'll be machining any custom Jigs and such that are not available.

Dream it, Build it, and yes "I did that!"

Joseph, welcome to the community.  I looks like you come with a large amount of knowledge and talent.  I have a background similiar in machine shop work as I spent several years doing machine shop work on automobiles.  It is amazing how wood working and working with metal mesh together.  Just wanted to say, WELCOME ABOARD.


hey guys just a quick hello and to let you know that rockler has a sale for the pocket hole clamp on sale until august 5,  could not pass up since have been wanting to get some clamps but had put off cause of the price and lo and behold.Pock-it Hole Clamp...Only @ Rockler

4.5 StarsPock-it Hole Clamp with Quick Release

(Reg. $21.99) Now $9.99 SAVE 54% TODAY!

Hello.  I live in central Alabama and recently discovered the Kreg Jig K4 Master system.  I have tried to improve my woodworking skills but I have always struggled with joinery.  After finding this jig and studying how it worked, I knew it was for me.  I bought the system this weekend.  I build my wife a set of shelves for her classroom today using the jig.  It is a great innovation.  I can't wait to learn new techniques with it.  I also really like what I have found on this site!

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