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Hello all! My name is Khris, I'm 33 years old and an active duty US Marine....My wife finally got me a KregJig set up (after more than a year of hinting) for Christmas...I'm a novice regarding woodwork however, I've grown to seriously enjoy woodwork...I recently built a knee wall with a poplar shelf and installed all new pine stair treads and risers.

The stairs came out great....I'm still learning the art of staining though. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing with you all.



Hello, my name is Michael and I'm currently stuck in SW Oklahoma. I try to do everything myself whether it be house or car. I got the Kreg Jig for Christmas and have already built my workbench. The main goal was to build a trundle bed for our girls and get rid of the metal bunk bed. That would eliminate the creaking and allow more space for the Wii. We have since stumbled on the idea of a murphy bunk bed which would free up a lot of room. Finding the hardware will be a bit of a challenge, since I don't want to pay $300 for a create-a-bed kit. Got a lot of other ideas now. Glad to have the Kreg Jig since we don't have the space for all the fancy woodworking equipment. I will try to keep good notes and pictures to share with everyone after I'm done in case someone else wants to build one.

Hi I'm Steve, Brisbane QLD Australia. I recently acquired a Kregjig for Christmas. I've always had an interest in woodworking just not always had the space to live the dream. Never tried the pocket hole method of joinery but it looks quite easy so keen to give it a go. My wife also wants a go at it after reading copious ana-white plans!! So we will see who breaks the jig in. I found this googling "kregjig plans" and so far it loks like a good result. Cheers, Steve B 

Gday Steve and welcome to the Kreg community, I'm sure that you will enjoy using your kreg jig, its a great tool to use, There is plenty of excellent information here and the people are really friendly and will help try and answer any questions you have. 

To all the new members that have joined the Kreg community, I would like to welcome you all , and look forward to sharing ideas and seeing pictures of your work.  Enjoy the site and please feel free to explore, as you will also find there are many talented and knowledgeable people here who are willing to share information with you.   

HI my name is Dan Pigors i live in Michigan i enjoy making things from wood. i am presently looking to build a gun cabinet if anyone has plans for this i would be interested in hearing from them.

Hello all! My name is Chris and I live in Illinois. I recently acquired a Kreg K4MS Jig Master System and looking forward to using it for future DIY projects. Glad to see there is a user community where you could post questions and share finished projects. 

Kind Regards,

Chris DLP

Heilo, My name is Teresa. I am new new to woodworking. I just finished an awesome workbench (got the plans from Ana White's website). Now my father-in-law wants me to build him one. I just bought the Kreg jig Jr. I thought I would use this to put his workbench together. I am having a problem understanding the settings. If both pieces of wood I am joining are 2 inches, and the settings only go to 1 1/2 inch, how do I set it? Maybe I need to re-read the manual. LOL. Wish me luck.

Thank you so much James.  I thought I must be missing something. And yes I am using 2 x 4 's. I can't wait to try this tomorrow.

James Waller said:

Hello Teresa!

The boards are each 2 inches thick or both boards combine are 2 inches total?

Or are you talking about a 2 x 4? If so, then the correct size of a 2x4 is 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" and you can then use the 1 1/2" setting on the guide block and on the drill bit.

The size markings on the Kreg Jig are referring to the actual thickness of the board. I use a lot of 1" wood which is actually 3/4" thick and thus will use the 3/4" settings on the guide block and drill bit.

Hello, I'm Alex from Raleigh, NC and I'm a beginner in woodworking.  I got myself a Kreg Jig for thanksgiving and I am hooked!  My first project was the workbench (plans from Kreg) and had a blast completing it.  I soon built a simple pegboard to hang whatever tools I have and installed it above where the workbench usually is.  This pocket hole joinery makes me look like a pro woodworker at least to my family and friends!  I'm glad I found this Kreg Jig community and looking forward to sharing/exchanging.  I am also about to complete a simple computer desk for myself and I think perhaps I will post pics soon. :)

Happy New 2012 everyone!

Hi, my name is Jorge and I live in Toronto Canada. I'm moderately skilled wood working hobbyist. I’ve been using the Kreg pocket hole jig for a couple of years now and just thinks it’s a qualify item. But the reason I can on the site today was related to another Kreg Item.

I had found a plan for a portable router table and I decided to purchase the Kreg insert plate (#PRS3030) for it. It too is well designed and built, but the clear plastic template that comes with it to assist in drilling custom holes for your router not so much.

Long story short, the plastic template had less than perfect circles draw on it and there were alignment issues with the holes on the Kreg Plate. After playing with it for much more time then I should have an idea came to me that was a better solution.

Before I had placed the my router’s plate on Kreg plate to test for alignment I had to take off a guide bushing which also fitted one of the ring that comes with the Kreg plate. I screwed in that extra ring in to the Kreg base plate and put my bushing in place then flipped the unit over. Without attaching the ring nut I placed my router’s based plate over the bushing’s threads. It was a bit loose but that was fixed by adding about three turns of electrical tape around the threads -- stopping about a half inch from where I started to avoid a peak at the overlap point.

I then taped the router base plate down and removed the bushing support ring from the Kreg plate. My router plate was perfectly centered and ready to drill following the rest of the instructions. I hope this helps anyone else who might have run into the same issue.

Hi, My name is John and I just bought the Kreg Jig. I've been fooling around with it and putting some of the joints to the test and I'm impressed by the strength of the joints without using any glue. I haven't built anything significant yet but I will. I'm looking forward to learning and observing. Thanks.

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