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Hello all. Located in Richmond Va. Been a woodworker for 50 years but my hands have developed a nervous tremor. Thanks to Kreg Jigs (and a few home made ones) I can continue to do what I enjoy. Thanks Kreg!

Hi Folks. Dave here. I live in Middletown, MD. I've been a construction worker & DIY'er for most of my life. Now, I am trying my hand at woodworking. I made the Ana White Farmhouse Table using the Kreg K4 jig. Love it.

Hello, My name is Donnie and I live in Fort Worth TX. I have been doing woodwork for several years. I have not any pocket hole joinery. Only recently purchased the Kreg Jig and looking forward to using it.

Did you forget about a toe space under cabinets ??

Jamil Samimi said:

Aloha from the Big Island, Hawaii~

I work for a Pool construction company but come from a mechanic's background and am now learning wood-working/construction because we want to make our basement habitable for us so that we can rent out the upstairs.

I am constructing an open-shelf kitchen counter set-up with doors only underneath the sink area. Over the years, I have salvaged a lot of exotic wood from the high-end job-sites we've worked at. I'm using 2.5+" square teak legs for the fronts of the counter, 2X4's for the horizontal shelf supports and will use 2.5" X 7/8" teak for the horizontals at the front of the shelves. (sorry I don't know all the proper terminology...)

The shelves themselves will be 1X6 T&G redwood salvaged from interior walls that I dismantled (no "demo" for this mechanic....heh heh...). I heat gunned the 60+ year old paint off then sanded the boards and the grain looks outstanding!

So far I've assembled the legs and 2X4's using my Kreg jig. I'd gotten 2.5" coarse screws (for the 2X4) so ended up screwing them into the outside pockets of the horizontals with just the tips protruding, locating my teak leg then tapping it to transfer the marks to the teak. I then eyeballed the angle for pilot holes in the teak and used the coarse screws and glue and the assembly feels pretty solid!

I've tried to post what I've gotten done so far but for some reason it doesn't seem to show the pix (or my post, for that matter....eventually.... :) 

I appreciate all the folks (both here and on Youtube) who have taken the time to share their knowledge and experience and provide a visual for those of us who are learning. Mahalo plenty, as we say here!

I am a long time woodworking hobbyist 50 years). I have a tremor in my hands and Kreg allows me to continue doing what I love.

I truly thank you for that.
Regards Reid Menting


My name is Ryan and I live in Sylvania, Ohio. I wanted to start getting into wood working and building some projects for my home. The wife gave me the green light for the Kreg K4 and worktable. I've had a blast so far with it and just completed a very nice head board for our bed. I look forward to picking up a lot more projects from this site!

Hi, Everyone!
I'm a 60 year old retired Paramedic in Charlotte, NC.  I'm a BRAND NEW woodworker, although I've suffered two strokes and am a Type 2 diabetic.  That's NOT gonna stop me. LOL  (I'll just take my time and not rush ANYTHING, so I get it right and keep all my fingers and appendages!)
I've watched probably several hundred woodworking videos on You Tube, and feel like I've learned a LOT (enough to hopefully not make too many screw-ups and be at least reasonably safe.  I've also learned a plethora of tips and tricks to use and have assembled a LOT of woodworking tools (powered and non-powered), measuring and marking tools, and woodworking adjuncts, INCLUDING almost everything Kreg makes (and a BUNCH of Kreg screws!!!- LOL)
I'm looking forward to at least several years (Good Lord willin' and tha creek don't rise) of hobby-level woodworking.  
I may not be very active on here, but I like having the resource available if needed.  I WILL check here to see "what's new" at least fairly often.  
May God richly bless all of you and keep you safe while enjoying your crafty hobby/ies!!! :-)

I'm SO NEW, in fact, that I have yet to build a semi-permanent workbench/table.  Have used a pretty flat old (plain) door laid across a couple sawhorses as a work surface.  I've built my first crosscut sled for my contractor style table saw.  Just got that done a couple weeks ago, so maybe that'll let you know just how new I am.  Anyway, I'm hoping to get at least several years of enjoyment out of this newfound hobby during my retirement.  :-) 


My name is Sergio. I live in Iowa. I am a newbie but willing to try new things and build and improve current parts of the house. I am not scared to mess something to be able to learn.

Hello all, Tom from Northern Virginia here! I'm a beginner woodworker and have started using the Kreg products, which I love. I'm a retired Marine with 2 children, 1 grandchild,vand two more on the way.
Sean in Charlotte, NC here.

Good for you, @Sergio, for wanting to try new things and not being scared to mess something.  I know you will do well.  Welcome!

Sergio Velazquez said:


My name is Sergio. I live in Iowa. I am a newbie but willing to try new things and build and improve current parts of the house. I am not scared to mess something to be able to learn.

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