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My name is Ron and new to the woodworking thing. Building things like bird houses and book shelves and having lots of fun playing with the power tools. Saw the Kreg jig pocket hole deal and picked it up. Lots of cash to make a hole but I am hoping it will take me into some bigger projects. Be glad to hear from anyone who might have any tips

Hi, my name is Ed and I live near Houston.  Got my Jig a few weeks ago and have already used it(amazing tool) to do some cabinet joining.  A 74-year-old who doesn't do too much woodworking but it surely is fun to create and then use things you've built. 

Thought I'd finally sign up!  Been lurking for a long time, but decided to pull the trigger!  My name is Pat and I teach woodworking, drafting and CAD in Northeast Kansas.  I have been using the Kreg Jig for eight years and am still amazed at its capabilties!

Hello ,

I have had my Kreg for several months but am finally getting around to focusing on a project. I was pleasantly suprised at some of the projects out here and some are just stunning . I am extra motivated to get started. 

Hello Everyone,

Just joined the group, beginner that has a few ideas want to undertake and have stumbled across this site and the Kreg drill that will help me bring some of my ideas to life!!! Off to the store tonight to buy one!

Hello John,

Could not notice you  picture.

You do not look well!

did you know you should not eat wood or inhale wood products when you are working.

The latest small Kreg screws may be useful in saving some of your teeth as well !




Robert Brennan
John Morales said:

Hi, My name is John and I just bought the Kreg Jig. I've been fooling around with it and putting some of the joints to the test and I'm impressed by the strength of the joints without using any glue. I haven't built anything significant yet but I will. I'm looking forward to learning and observing. Thanks.

Hey y'all ... my name is Rey Ramirez and Im originally from San Antonio, TX.  My wife is active duty AF and we've lived in South Dakota, Okinawa, and currently in NM ... not my favorite place, but at least there's a Lowes and Home Depot!  Im a novice wood worker, not too experienced with the Kreg jig, but I have used it in making my rustic picture frames and my workbench.  I haven't really gotten too far into using it, but I sure do look forward to it. Im really interested in making a camelback trunk but not sure how to use the Kreg jig for angle/curve joinery ... any and all help is appreciated!!!


Hi again. I have another question. When working on smaller projects, is there a smaller bit that you need to use? I am getting ready to put a display easel together and just think that the bit that came with the Kreg system is going to make to large of a hole in these little furring strips. Thanks for any info you can share. I am so glad I stumbled upon this site.


Yes there is a smaller unit available its called the Kreg Mini or similar.

Should be visible on the site somewhere.




Robert Brennan

Ok thanks. I will look for it. I have the Kreg Jr. was thinking about switching to the Kreg master since I am really enjoying this playing with wood. LOL. I made a workbench a few days ago and my Father-in-law came to see it, then asked me to build him one. Too funny. He has 3 boys and asked his daughter in law to build for him. I love it.

Hello, I'm Nancy and I just joined.  I am from Lehigh, Iowa, a really small town in North Central Iowa and I am an IT/Network Engineer for a small telephone company.  I have always loved to do anything associated with wood.  My dad let me help him when he did the remodeling of our house while growing up and that's how it all started.  Until recently I haven't had the time to build for the beauty of it for a long time and I am finally going to get back into it.  My last project I just completed was an entrance "porch" for my Mother.  It is an 8'x8" room added on to the back of her house to allow her to drive right up to it and walk into the house.  I spent lots of time as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and in a program at Sprint called Christmas in October where we would find people who needed help fixing up their houses because they couldn't due to their health, age and/or financial issues.  I have torn off and laid down too many shingles to even guess at and I am ready to go back to the finer more detailed wood working.  I have always been the diy'er at our house because I am to "frugal" to pay someone else to do what I can unless it is out of my league and of course I was raised that way(Thank you Dad).  I joined because I am always looking for tried and true knowledge from people that have forgotten more about a subject than I will ever know and this is my first experience with a Kreg Jig and I want to learn the right way. 

Hi Nancy, Welcomwe aboard, If there is any way I can be of help to you or any other new members to this site , please don't hesitate to ask, If I can't gve you a competent answer I know whom to refer you to

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K5 Repair

I have a k5 jig.  Had an issue and took it apart. Now the small ball that is inside the ratchet compartment is gone.Anyone know the size needed to replace it?Continue

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