Kreg Owners' Community incorporate my chop saw.  I'm also going to build a 'fill-in' to use my router table on it, too!

It will be mounted to the wall on hinges (I don't have a workshop and garages aren't big in the UK!) so I can get my car in when it's up.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated :-) I will be including a pair of gate legs to support it.

All joints will be pocket-hole and made with my Kreg jig, so I'll get plenty of practice this coming weekend!  I've not used it in anger before, so I'll see how I get on - and I might even post a picture or two, if I don't make a complete Horlicks of it!

I have two questions, though...

I think I would like to incorporate the KMS8000 Precision Trak and Stop Kit for the saw, but the back board would need to be removable.  Does anyone have experience with this requirement?

I may decide to make this in to a multi-purpose table and use some track to make it a clamping table too, or am I getting too ambitious?

Again, your thoughts would be appreciated.

Ta  muchly,


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Wish I knew how to do the sketches!    If you go to and do a search on workshops, you will see a ton on ideas to very grand to ideal for small spaces.   A great place for inspiration.

I like the way you're thinking.  I haven't used the Trak system, so can't comment on that.  But, I built the Kreg workbench a little over year ago and added side tables that make it a multi use table kind of like you're describing.  Here's a link to the project page for it:


I don't think you're being too ambitious at all.  If you have a small space to work in like I do it's great to be able to condense as many operations into as small and portable a worktable as possible.  Make sure to post pics once you're done.  I'd like to see what you end up with.



You can't tell me anything about garage space (or lack of it) in the UK where American garages have always interested me because of their size (large).

Now I live in South West France my garage is underground and under the house, so it's big, and I'm happy now.

Good luck with whatever you're doing in your workshop.

Kind regards,



Making sketches can be learned.

There's lots of info available, to help get you started,

Your local library, I'm sure, will have beginners books on "drafting".

Drafting is a type of graphic communication.

Business and industry use drafting to translate ideas and concepts into working plans for something that can be made.

"Technical drawing" is also know as drafting.

I always prepare sketches before proceeding to making working drawings.

Rita B. said:

Wish I knew how to do the sketches!   .../p>

My suggestion is to go to Youtube  and look up Ron Paulk Total WorkStation.  I have built 2 of his designs before and they have been a great addition to my work area. Its hard to explain how much I need them now.

Hi peter don't know if this helps ,but I work in a 12x12 shop. My assembly bench /come every thing bench folds down and has a slide on and off extension wing .The pictures are on my photos on my page  cheers ,Mick in the U.K.

Ken,  I may look into it but will probably use the down time when the winter snow flies.  


In the meantime, 

some craft stores sell paperback books, on "sketching"---some may contain info that is to your liking.

Peruse the various books they offer.

Sketching can be as simple as starting out making pencil sketches of a cube, box, or the like.

Start out with simple objects, showing various views---top, sides/ends, front, back and bottom.

Then venture into sketching a 3-D view, of the object.

Akin to viewing a cube rotated, so that 3 sides are visible.

Sketch circles---draw a square, rectangle, triangle, and various geometric shapes within the circle.

Rita B. said:

Ken,  I may look into it but will probably use the down time when the winter snow flies.  

Hi Rita,

I just use MS Word with lines and shapes.  Time consuming but quite easy to manage, with a bit of practice.

These certainly are to scale, just indicative.


Rita B. said:

Wish I knew how to do the sketches!    If you go to and do a search on workshops, you will see a ton on ideas to very grand to ideal for small spaces.   A great place for inspiration.

Hi all,

Thanks for your comments and suggestions - and links!

I was wondering, though, if anyone has an idea on how I could incorporate the KMS8000 Precision Trak and Stop Kit?  I've cut the frame pieces to length and it's ready to put together.


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