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Hey guys,
I am on a budget and just want to get some feedback on a saw.  Should my 1st saw purchase be a band saw or table saw?  My wife got me the kreg jig for Christmas and wants a toy box for the kids.  I am also a novice woodworker so if you all could help me out.

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I would think a tablesaw would be your first tool (at least before the band saw).
no question about it, the table saw has to be the first one.
Bar none,always go with a GOOD tablesaw first,there is so much more that can be accomplished with a good tablesaw,the bandsaw is more of a specialized tool where the tablesaw is the true workhorse of the woodshop.
Table saw hands down I have a band saw but it dont get the work out like my table saw.
Table saw, without a doubt. Take a look at the contractor style Saw-Stop table saw. It's not exactly cheap, but it's the safest saw on the market, and you can't put a price on your safety.
If you are starting out, the table saw is #1, portable if you don't have the room (some nice portables out there), larger if you do. Any way, budget or no, get a GOOD one, you will more than likely have it for the rest of your life. Research the internet for reviews. Then you can weigh your choices. Then I would go for the hand held power tools. I got the 3 speed bandsaw later ( speed changes for metal), when I needed to do some work for the boat. Nothing goes straight for very long in a boat. Due to the metal cutting ability, I do use it often and have never regreted spending the money. Oh by the way, the way it works in my household is "every project deserves/needs another tool". Or two...... Ha Ha
My wife got me one for Christmas, too. She's pretty cool about dutifully following me into the tool (toy) store and making note of the item I want (me pointing with huge neon arrow :)).

The table saw will give you the most bang for your buck. That being said, the advice given so far is very sound. I would just add that I don't like spending money twice. Try to wait until you can afford a saw that will perform to your satisfaction. A good fence, a sound table and solid setup adjustments are critical to good results. Saving a couple hundred might get you into a saw sooner, but as your skills progress, you will end up dissatisfied with your saw (or any other tool for that matter). Then you're buying one all over again.

As for the toy box, Kreg has decent plan Kreg plans . I built one for my grandkids and it didn't require a lot of skill. Good luck!
I Would get a table saw because U can do so much more. If U need to make curves then U can use a jig saw for cheap money
First off, Welcome. I'm a novice also when it comes to woodworking like the Kreg community does.
Last year I bought a Ryobi portable table saw because I was doing some heavy duty repair work on my house and a rental house that I own. It has wheels so I can push it around like a wheelbarrow. It is a pretty nifty saw, but, it is not a saw that a cabinet maker would use. I spend a little time each time I use it, checking the alignment of the blade and I tripple check the rip fence, just to be sure its as accurate as I can make it.
If you are just going to be cross cutting or cutting to length, instead of ripping boards, you could use a good circular saw and the new Kreg square cut that I saw for $20. That might be all you need for the first project or two.
My recommendation is when you buy a table saw, get the best that you can afford. There are good, better, best and you really do get what you pay for. I like my Ryobi, but I got it for a different kind of work, than what I want to do with wood and the Kreg Jig.
I may be stiring the pot here but a band saw can be a very useful tool
if your doing small WW its very useful
I hate taking time to change to a dado blade and back and all the futz'ing time it takes to get a dado blade right especially with all the weird sizes of ply wood nowadays
I have done just fine
with a power miter box "chopsaw" a router and a hand held circular saw
if you have the room and cash to aford a good table saw go for it
A lot of My work is working out doors makeing patio furniture
with a kreg jig you elmanat dados and rabbits
Table Saw . 10 inch.
Fred Beaudet said:

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