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With all the home improvement shows and channels on the TV what’s your favorite?

I'm still a fan of "This Old House" but was wonder what home improvement shows all my Kreg friends watch?

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I get Woodsmith shop on the Create channel and now they do carry the rough cut as well.  I do like some of the stuff they have on rough cut but he goes way too fast that you never really get the just of what's going on.  His "Bostonian" sense of humor can be a bit distracting as well.

David Wilson said:
my favorite is the woodsmith shop.  my idiotic PBS replaced it with rough cut, which is all but unwatchable. 
  I some what enjoy yard crasher ,and some of the others but so wish they would bring back the craftsme like yankee work shop and Norm   to help younger wood workers sharpen their skills
Unfortunately, many of the plethora of available DIY shows have become more entertainment and less DIY.  We see passionate teams battling, the angst of an artificial deadline or budget, conflict and confrontation among participants, emphasis on emotions and reactions, and situations better suited to Surviror.  Still, This Old House, Hometime, Holmes and a few others manage to properly instruct us on techniques and products while incorporating just a touch of humor and budget concerns.  For those who find joy in a arguement over paint color, such formats can be found in abundance.  And for those concerned with joist separation, we, too can find our panacea.  The great innovation which makes all this possible is the DVR which allows us to sample all, reject what we dislike, fast-forward through the scene at the home improvement store where unwitting customers are ambushed and concentrate on how fast-setting concrete is used.  And we can still find Norm on those re-runs.    
Guys!  Its Holmes on Homes.   Get the drift?  He is fantastic and his new magazine (at least new to the US anyways) is really great.

 Probably HGTV and a local PBS station from Anderson Indiana WIPD great show called Woodsmith and fianally

DIY and the old Norm Abrhams This old house when he bworked alone.

I really enjoy just about anything on DIY, especially the "crasher" shows - Bath Crashers, House Crashers and Yard Crashers, - also enjoy Sweat Equity & Renovation Realities.  Some of the older shows that are no longer on the air - Hometime, New Yankee Workshop and Wood Works (David Marks is near genious).

There used to be a Canadian show - a father and son - who did a show with routers.  I wish that show was still on. When I used to run into it flipping channels I didn't own a router, not that I have one I sure could use some of their tips and techniques.


For pure woodworking, I think Woodsmith Shop is absolutely the best!  I do enjoy Yard Crashers, This Old House, Bath Crashers, House Crashers, and Ask This Old House also.  I hate Scott Phillips and the Amercian Woodshop!  That show is a complete waste of time!

James Waller said:

I watch and record Woodsmith Shop. I love watching the videos that are uploaded here by members and Kreg. They are very informative and fun to watch, even again and again.


I had just gotten into watching NYWS before it retired. I would love to be able to see all the shows, but right now there isn't a station I watch that carries it.


I also brought and watched videos from the "Router Workshop" with Bob and Rick Rosendahl.

Let's see.  Just about ANYTHING on DIY Network EXCEPT Rehab Addict! Love that station!
I think Marc Spagnuolo of the wood whisper  ( On-line ) might be a good replacement for norm. He has a good way of explaining wood working in a good way that I haven't found with others out there.


Rough Cuts

I like most of what they have on DIY where they're renovating. I also like Holmes on Homes really well. Ask this old house and Woodsmith Shop is also good.
I like the Woodsmith shop the most.  It has a straight forward presentation with sufficient details for those of us "mere mortals" are capable of absorbing.  Often you can navigate to their website and download a pdf file that is a great reference if you take on the project.  I've never seen Norm do something like that although he always mentions the "measured drawing availability" [down-loadable?].  Another thing about Norm and the others is their cuts and assemblies always turn out perfect.  Do yours?  I don't have an infinite tool budget as some of these TV guys seem to have.  And I can't follow the rapid presentation of the half hour shows that just zoom through a project.  I understand that half hour [more like 20 minutes if commercials] is all they have.  Well, back to making sawdust.

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