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Just curious as to how many of us have a Fire Extinguisher in our workshop,

I have two fire extinguishers which I keep near the entrance to my workshop, one is a small dry powder for electrical or liquid fires and the other is a large 9 litre water extinguisher. There is also a water tap with long garden hose just outside the workshop. So far I have never had to use them, but its good to know that I have something should a fire start.

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One extinguisher and I keep all my liquid flammables like paint thinners etc in an old metal fridge that is no longer used as a fridge.
Rick I use an old metal fridge also works really well.
ABC under the kitchen sink.
Hate to think about a fire  but it can happen, I have three extinguishers in the shop, if ever needed I will take one shot at it if its small .  Then get out call the fire dept.  This brings up another thought , if your shopped burnt to the ground, what did you havve in there??? In such case you have to provide your insurance company a complete inventory of your losses, unless your a lot sharper than I , its a real chore.  Most of us have digital cameras as I and I go through the shop and take overall shots of all the hangting things, then open drawers and doors and take pictures of contents, its easy to have a thousand dollars worth of goodies in a drawer. get a copy on a disc and put in a safe.  I do this once a year, just in case
One big cause of a fire is the fine sawdust built up in-side the electricaL boxes. You need to check them and blow them clean on a regular basis, along with any overhead lighting. The heat generated from these can start a fire.

I think good housekeeping in the workshop is another way to minimize the risk of fire as well as many other hazards,  A good dust collector that captures the fine dust and wood-chips is a must in any workshop, primarily so we don't breath in the fine dust particles and also to keep the workshop clean.


Al, great topic---thanks for posting.


I have 2 dry chemical fire extinguishers in my garage/shop---a smaller 3lb size near the side entry door, and 5lb size unit, near the main entry door.

Also, a water hose, fitted with a ''quick-connect'' to a quick opening spigot, just outside the garage door entry.

The hose opposite end is equipped with a ''rapid on-off'' nozzle---that provides quick adjustment from a fan spray pattern to a jet stream pattern--- akin to a fire department hose nozzle.


A smoke alarm, is located above the side entry door. 


I keep a 5 gal bucket with lid, near the garage door, that contains a couple old bath size dry towels.

The towels can quickly be saturated with water, from the hose, and the water soaked towel(s) placed/tossed over smaller flames, smoldering material, or the like.


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