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Just thought I would start a discussion on woodworkers real jobs. It would be fun to no if there are lots of professional people using Kreg Jig along with people  like myself a retired  construction worker.

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Insurance Salesman Personal Lines and Comercial Lines products Specialize in Motorcycle insurance... Because I ride myself...
Sounds like you are just as busy retired than not,like me I have to force myself to lay low some days love the shop I have and all my tools .Take a tour of my Humble Shop on my page

Charlie Krasnevich said:
I cut grass for the borough of West Newton, Pennsylvania, and I am a library assistant for the Westmoreland County Community College. Both jobs are part time. I have two grand children, which I made step/sitting stools for them with the Kreg Jointer. It took me longer to finish them than to cut the wood and put them together. Construction is just too easy with the Kreg System. I have also made a beautiful DVD shelf and countless other shelves using the Kref System.
Some of you might have guessed, I work on computers for a living for a fortune 50 company.
I don't have much time for woodworking most of the time but do have some spare time on computers.
I'm a retired school teacher, high school computer science and mathematics, i've been doing woodworking for a while. Got serious about it about 4-5 years ago when my wife showed me the furniture she wanted to put in our home. I've now built most of it, but as an ongoing project i'll probably be at it for several more years.

started working with computers about 1970, punch cards, paper tape and 10 meg disk packs that weigh more then some of the projects I've worked on.
Hi i am gilles from windsor locks ct iam drywall finisher for the past 37 years so retiring is just around the corner..cant wait to play with wood full time...
I am a retired machine operator but like to do woodworking around the house.
I'm Chris from Camarillo, CA. I am the maintenance manager flight and tactics simulators used to train Navy flight crews and air controllers. I have degrees in Business Administration and Information Technology. I've been playing in the woodshop since my grandpa made me start making shavings with a block plane (so young I can't remember when that was). I started with the Kreg system when my wife lost her patience with the amount of time it was taking me to build her projects. Now it's something new a couple times a month.
my main career is train driver when required i also train people to drive trains when they first start out in my spare time ( i get a lot of time off )i used to fit kitchens and dental surgery's, i seem to get the distinct impression that there are very few folk on here from the UK or is it just me that owns the Kreg system in the UK
I'm retired from the electrical trades but I still have a "Day Job." I'm a full time freelance writer. Well, maybe that doesn't qualify as a Daytime Job because I've been a DIYer for over fifty years and I write for the DIY markets on everything form woodworking and home construction to photography. I started writing some 35 years ago while I still had I still had a real "Day Job" in the trades. Writing, like DIY, is more a passion, more a way of life for me than a job.
wood working in my garage.
I've been retired for almost two years now and have finally had the time to use my woodworking shop of twenty years. Nice! I play and am having a great time being creative. My biggest undertaking of late is a custom wine cabinet for my daughter's new house. I did all the joinery with my Kreg Master System. Awesome! I can now throw away my doweling jigs, biscuit joiners, clamps. The results were fantastic! You be the judge.
Hi, I am Beth from South Carolina! I am a lady who worked for Lowe's for many years. I semi- retired a couple of years ago (the semi meaning not old enough for social security). I love to work with my hands. I sew and do all kinds of crafts. I have a pretty good tool set up in the garage, but I didn't feel I was getting the best of the use out of it. Now with my Kreg jig I have the the tool to do the one thing that was holding me back, joinery. I have a project ready to do and I am looking forward to showing it to y'all as soon as I am done. Everybody have a great Day!

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