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To All Members:

Let's see who can come close to guessing what the all new innovation is coming June 9, 2014.

Guess as many times as you want... This is for bragging rights I guess.


While thanks Kreg after watching the video of hints and the reply from Jay below, I think Kreg has done what I said in  my K5 product review they have improved and impressed the heck out of me once again. So I think I will be saving up my nickels and buying yet another Kreg pocket hole system to add to the six I own.


Here goes my second guess yes it is still Kreg Blue but what will save you time and battery power when joining wood with the pocket hole system is taking out the drilling step. Here what I think a clamp guide  that position and guides a special screw that drills it self and clamps the wood at the same time think of the deck jig where the screw goes through the guide but in this case when you clamp the two boards together you drive the screw and it drills its hole and joins the wood at the same time.


Lets see if anyone can come closer with the clues to the process we still have 5 days to get the guess right.

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 Please read my revised post for my second guess. Thanks everyone for viewing and for those who have placed there guess so far great guess but I still think we do not quite have it yet we still have five days.


I think it's an electric version.  I think you will only need to set the depth and the new jig will drill the pocket holes for you.  Instead of drill, drive, and your done.  I think the drill part will be eliminated. I think it will probably change to Set, Drive, and your Done.

Thats my guess.  If I'm right, I still hope it works with my screws.  I just bought a ton of different sizes on Amazon!


I just restocked for face frame screws bought 5,000

1 and 1/4 inch fine thread screws

We can still use are old jigs until we run out of screws

Anyone guess who will be right on what it is.



I'm hoping it is some sort of add on that I can use with the existing jigs I have.  I might not be able to justify purchasing something that would completely replace the jigs I have since they are barely used.

Hello Jackie;

Not to worry I still use the Kreg  Jig I bought over 25 years ago and it still looks like it is hardly used, it will just be  a case of if you want to buy the new and improved model sort of  like when I started driving my first car I bought had standard brakes and hand cranked windows with floor vents  as I was on a budget the one I have now has everything power.  

We are not sure yet what it is but judging by the video it sounds like it is some type of improved joining system.

Thank You Jeff

To All Members;

Thanks for viewing and those who posted there guess amazing, at this point we have about 18 hours left if any one wants to guess. What ever it is going to be I'm sure from all we have found out so far it is going to be amazing.

Thanks Jeff


so where is it lol!

To All Members;

I think the members that guessed in this order Nick B, Chris Hill, Michael Evans and Ken Kelly.

Congratulations you have won bragging rights.

Looks Cool and I don't need to change my product review on the K5 still the best non automated pocket hole jig ever the new machine is automated looks cool think I will be saving my nickels and dimes like Jay said.


Lots of Fun Jeff

I was right, what do I win? :)

Good Job, Nick. I here by nominate a first class "Ataboy!"

Nick B said:

I was right, what do I win? :)

I would like to really see it in use.  Maybe a side by side comparrison completing a project.  Still up in the air about it.

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