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I need to buy a new drill.  I am thinking of buying a corded drill as I have a lot of problems with batteries, either not charged when I need it or batteries that don't hold a charge.  I know that battery ones are more convenient, but........   Any suggestions as to what kind (Brand) to buy? What power is the best? 

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go to my post in forum You want to buy tools
I recently purchased a NEW DeWalt 12v Max litium cordless screwdriver. So far it rocks for everything I have used it for. In the line-up they have a cordless drill/driver, 1/4 impact, 1/4 screwdriver, and a 3/8 impact. If you like lower voltage tools for woodworking or enjoy having the optional clutch on your screwdriver or drill check them out. I can't wait to try it on my next kreg jig project. Also they are very light weight.
go to sears get a corded 3/8, keyed chuck, variable speed, reverse . stick with the basics long reliable life.

i purchased a Kreg Pocket jig Model # R3. I have a Black & Decker 18 V drill, 750 RPM. When i use this drill i am not able to make a pocket hole. Any suggestions on the clutch settings of the drill or this drill is not suited for making pocket holes. If not suggestions on a drill suitable for use with Kreg jig

Ravi, your Black & Decker drill should work just fine.  If it has a variable clutch, rotate the collar until it locks or shows the highest number, a "padlock" symbol, or drill icon.  If that makes it looser, rotate all the way in the other direction.  Make sure the drill is not reversing (rotating backwards).  There should be a push-switch on both sides of the trigger.  The bit should rotate closkwise sighting "down the gun barrel".  If your drill has two speeds, use the higher one for drilling, the lower one for screwing.  You also need to properly set the small collar on the bit to the depth of the wood you are using.  There is a chart molded into the plastic box holding the bit.  If the collar is in the wrong place, it will stop the bit from penetrating far enough.  Good luck.

I wandered into my local Lowes store earlier today.  I was contemplating replacing my 18v NiCd Black & Decker drill.  I came across a sign for the Bosch.........

18V Lithium-Ion Compact Tough™ Drill Driver

Lowes normal price for this drill is $179.  It was on sale for $99.00.  I could NOT pass up that price for this drill.  I fully charged BOTH batteries and tested it out by driving a few 2 1/2 inch Kreg screws.  This thing is amazing.  Its power is like nothing I've ever seen on a cordless and it feels great in my hand.


I'll be starting another Kreg project real soon and I can't wait to put this thing through its paces.  I've included a link to the Bosch site should you wish to view this drill.


It gets my vote for "the drill to buy"!!!!!!!!!!

That is really a matter of your preferance, is there a paticular brand you like? I myself have Bosch and Porter Cable cordless tools. I like the Porter Cable 18v Lit. drill the best, I put together a very large back deck with it and used spade bits with it and it has all the power and longivity that I needed.
The new Festool CXS drill is coming out in a few days it looks like a great compact drill.

Yes, Ridgid does have a lifetime guarantee on many of their tools however you must be sure to save your original receipt forever (and be able to actually FIND it when your tool breaks). To make matters worse you need to be careful to protect your receipt from heat and light since the paper is sensitive to both and will eventually fade away leaving you with a blank piece of paper. For some of my Ridgid warranties to be valid, the tool had to be taken to a certified Ridgid tool repair company where it would either be repaired or replaced with a factory reconditioned unit.


Also - and this may be just my local Home Depot - it seems that the employees are ignorant to the fact that Ridgid provides lifetime warranties and that Home Depot is (almost) the exclusive retailer of Ridgid products; meaning if you don't have that receipt and/or if they don't sell that particular product anymore, they won't readily believe that you purchased it from Home Depot nor honor any lifetime warranty claims.


Oh, and their battery chargers are prone to messing up the radio reception of any radio plugged into nearby outlets (regardless of same or different circuit) so you might want to invest in their MP3 player too.


Just beware.




Michael Mullarkey said:

I own a complete set of RidGid cordless tools, 18 V. I like the fact that when you buy the tool(s) you have a chance to register them online -they will replace them when the tool(s) fail 100% no questions asked !! they will even replace the Batt. 100% along with the tool(s) you bought. They hold a charge really well, charge quickly, win win for everyone that has them.
all you need to do if need be - go into Home Depot and see an employee and replace your tool and or Batt. I have had no problems with any of mine yet. They are heave duty cordless tool(s).

Dreamcatcher Design & Build said:

Yes, Ridgid does have a lifetime guarantee on many of their tools however you must be sure to save your original receipt forever (and be able to actually FIND it when your tool breaks). 

That is absolute rubbish. If it has a lifetime warranty why do they need a receipt? I had a 20 year old 15mm Sidchrome open end/ring spanner which managed to get stressed enough so that the open jaws were not parallel. Took it to the nearest Sidchrome stockist with no receipt and they gave me a new one, no questions asked. That's a lifetime guarantee!


I  have a Bosch Li-Ion set; drill and impact driver, two batteries and a charger. Usually use the drill for drilling holes and the driver for driving screws. I used to use B&D Ni-Cad 18V, figured they were great until I used Li-Ion; the difference is remarkable. More power, more battery life, better shelf life for holding charge; wish I had these when I built a deck a couple summers ago!

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