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I need to buy a new drill.  I am thinking of buying a corded drill as I have a lot of problems with batteries, either not charged when I need it or batteries that don't hold a charge.  I know that battery ones are more convenient, but........   Any suggestions as to what kind (Brand) to buy? What power is the best? 

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I've got 6 drills, 3 corded and 3 cordless. It's more of a matter what you need to do than just cord or no cord. My 1/2" Milwaukee is real heavy duty, need to drill a 4" hole for a dryer vent reach for the Milwaukee. Build a deck with hundreds of deck screws, corded Dewalt screwgun. A dozen pocket hole screw for a face frame? Two cordless, one drill bit one screw bit. I needed to drill holes for 80, 3 1/2" soffit vents a cordless drill just can't deliver full power for long with a hole saw.
I have had the same problem with my DeWalt 14.4v. one battery holds a charge and the other won't take a charge. The price you pay for some of of these drills give you a little separation anxiety and the price for a replacement battery is almost equal to the cost of a new rig.

Check these guys out, they rebuild your battery with better than oem parts...

jim williams
Corded: DeWalt for about $60. Have had mine for over a decade and it gets a workout.
Cordless: CPO has a deal on a re-man Porter-Cable combo...$109, I think for three or four pieces. Most likely they are brand new, just returned to store in original package and new condition. The Ni-cad drill is highly-rated.
I love DeWalt tools. I have a cordless XPR and Skill saw. The batteries are the old NiCa and they still hold a great charge and don't take long to charge. I can get about 1-2 hours of continous use before i have to recharge. The key is to make sure they are completely dead before recharging. A short piece of rope takes care of that for me (for the drill that is :) ) If you have the funds the Lithium Ion batteries are the way to go. They don't have to be dead to get the best charge and they last a whole lot longer per charge.

I have a Bosch jig saw and i love it. It is built great and needs no adjusting.

With anything check reviews for that specific model before you purchase.
I purchased a Ridgid cordless drill from Home Depot with their life time warranty on their LiOn batteries. I put them to heavy use putting siding on a building. The batteries wore out and Home Depot replaced them with no problem. Just keep your paper work when you purchase the drill.
i use a makita 10.8 impact driver and drill to build cabinets.
more than enough.
Ridgid, just for the warranty on the cordlless batteries, I've already replaced one free of charge! Free replacement parts and batteries can't be beat.
It all depends on what it will be used for. I have a couple cordless ones. One is a light weight used for light drilling with small bits and screwing. The other is used for heavy drilling and boring and driving deck screws. My heavy drill is a Rigid because of the life time warranty it has and other features. Always keep one battery in the drill and one nearby the charger and not in the charger as it will decrease the life. They charge up pretty fast, so when you start your project drop the spare into the charger and by the time you need the spare it will be ready to use. I even have one of those little pistol screw guns. they are great for light work or using a nut driver insert with them.
I use my cordless drills almost always,the 12 volt has plenty of power and is not as heavy as the 18 ,get one with a good clutch
I prefer Makita tools for longevity and durability.
I own a complete set of RidGid cordless tools, 18 V. I like the fact that when you buy the tool(s) you have a chance to register them online -they will replace them when the tool(s) fail 100% no questions asked !! they will even replace the Batt. 100% along with the tool(s) you bought. They hold a charge really well, charge quickly, win win for everyone that has them.
all you need to do if need be - go into Home Depot and see an employee and replace your tool and or Batt. I have had no problems with any of mine yet. They are heave duty cordless tool(s).
I know Ryobi is "cheap" but there tools have always done good by me. 18v batteries are $20 per. I use one to drill the pockets and the impact to sink the screws. The right angle drill comes in handy in tight places.

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