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I was woodworking today and had to change the drill collar and the height of the jig. With sawdust on the jig and only impressions for numbers and lines, it was hard to see. I was wondering how I might be able to correct this. Then an idea came to me.


I remembered back in my high school days when I would play Dungeons & Dragons. Yeah, I know, but I grew out of it... Anyway, the game came with multi-faceted dice made of plastic. However, the numbers were carved out of the plastic, much like the Kreg Jig.


The trick we'd use to see the numbers on the dice was to find a crayon of a contrasting color. Take the crayon and rub the wax across the numbers until the little grooves are full of crayon color. When you feel satisfied with the fill, take a paper towel and rub off the excess. This will take a while, but the result is perfectly readible measurements and calibration lines. I'll post pics of this result soon.

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That's a great idea. I had the same problem but hadn't had time to think over a solution. Thanks for the info! I will try it.
Thanks. I was looking for that thread to add to it, but didn't know it was already closed. Also, it looks as though someone else thought of the white crayon too.
Don - LOL! In the other thread, I shared that I also used crayons. It was my husband that suggested that from his experience with… yes… D&D dice. I was just not brave enough to share that part! :D
I sometimes joke that I'm the "third roommate" on The Big Bang Theory.

I ended up with the same milky residue on the rest of the blue jig plastic, but I don't care. At least I can now see the numbers and calibrations clearly. When I first got the Kreg Jig, I accidentally drilled holes into the bottom plate because my settings were wrong. If I can put up with those holes, I can put up with extra crayon residue. This jig will take much more abuse before I eventually destroy it with use. LOL
Here is that photo I was talking about.

Don what I did was mix up a paste of flour and water and rub it it ,let dry and do it again .I have had problem of loosing my marks at all.After it dries polish it with dry rag or paper owel

Don Grubish said:
Here is that photo I was talking about.

My K2000 does not have such markings but I generally use White Out correction fluid for that type of thing. It really works well for photographing serial numbers which are imprinted into surface.
I filled my markings this past weekend. I used latex paint. Wiped off the excess with a folded kleenex dampened with mineral spirits. I then waited about 15 minutes and wiped off the cloudy white remains with acetone. Looks great .
I've done the same thing with white or black latex paint. I think paint might last longer (?)
Paint markers work well for this also. Just color in the areas with the paint marker and then wipe off the excess.
why not fill in the drill holes you made with white then they would be a prominent reminder to set the drill depth properly lol
I too am having the same problem, I thought of soft chalk but the crayon idea sounds better, thanks!

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