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I'm working on redoing my shop. It's always been a jumble of things to get me by while I'm making other projects. Now the shop is the project. On the to do list are:
Table saw work centre with a built in router table and dust collection.
Mitre saw work station with flip up fence with Kreg's track and stop system.
Drill Press stand and table.
Corner cabinet with a revolving top for small bench top tools.
Workbench with vise and dog holes

Whew, I wonder how much I can get done over these next few days off.


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I am getting closer to having the miter saw station complete. I had some readjusting to do and moved the cabinets twice to get the right spot. Sadly my saw does not fit as well as I hopeed, I followed plans from ShopNotes which I really like, but my saw seems to be much longer in reach than average. My saw needs to be 3" further from the wall than the built in fence system will allow. My choices seem to be to either cut a clearance hole in the wall, buy a new saw, start from scratch and build deeper cabinets, or add a spacer/fence to make up for the gap.

In the photo you can see a spacer in between the straight edge and the bench fence extensions. This is the easiest solution, but limits how much support there is for wider stock. I'll make a new spacer/fence to mount the track onto and work with that. If it becomes a real problem the I can look at other solutions. If I ever get to the point where I can make a little money on the side from projects, then I can justify a new saw. this one is quite cheap.


Afternoon onno, sounds like a reasonable size onno.Ithink good dust control is a must,but heating a must here in the UK.iF were cold we tend not to think straight,equally important is lightning [especially if your antique like me].My son said too me dad why did they call you antique when you were working .[Is it because your old ?]No son i replied its because i have got queen ann legs haha.Sorry onno my wierd sense of humour.

Ha Ha ... Thanks for the laugh. I've watch a lot of python so my humor is a bit odd as well.

I'm in Canada so I a well aware of the need for heat. The shop is in the basement/garage so it's not connected to the house heat. But all the walls are insulated and it keeps heat well.

I uploaded a couple more pics in my album of the miter saw station ready for business, have a look. Next up I think I am going to work on the drill press stand and then the tablesaw work center.



Humour is a pleasure to hold onto especially Mr python.It sounds like you got the bit between your teeth where the shop is concerned onno.

I have made some progress, but have not posted much lately. Here are a couple of shots of the new wall bench with miter saw station. The benches have flip out fences that align with the saw when needed. when not needed the fences tuck under the benches and the saw slides back providing more space. the small bench on the right is the same height as the table saw and will provide for additional support when needed.

Here it is with things tucked out of the way.

And here open for business.

I have now begun on the drill press stand and auxiliary table / fence system. It is mostly made from scrap so it won't be real pretty, but functional.


Onno is the saw on drawer slides?

Hello Gary,
No, the saw shelf is supported on a pair of hardwood runners. There are swing out brackets that help support the weight of the saw, but also lock it in place so it stays in alignment with the fences.

I just added a couple of pics to my album that show the slide from underneath.

I worked on The Drill press station over the past couple of days and am almost done. I need to pick up some star knobs and add in some T track to the fence. I also need to make a small accessory drawer for below the table. This design of table has replaceable inserts and a dust collection system so I am looking forward to using it.

Here is a shot of the drill press stand. It's all made from scrap, so it's not real pretty, but it should do the job. The peg board sides will support custom bit holders and clamps and such.

And then I made a new table from plans  out of ShopNotes.

A closer look. I made 10 replacement inserts right away as I had a scrap piece of 1/2" MDF anyways. Otherwise when it comes time for a new one I would be scrambling. I will make custom inserts for different sizes of Drum  sanders. The dust collection hose connects on the left side below the table and draws from a recess below the insert. I still need to finish a basic insert that has slots cut out for allowing air and dust movement.

Thanks for looking.


Very nice.

The shop is already looking very nice. Wish I have the time and the space specially the skills and talent to do the same thing. Keep it up!

Time for an update!

The next part of the workshop that I wanted to tackle was a workbench. I couldn't decide on a size or style of workbench for a while and after deliberating I settled on an assembly table design from ShopNotes with a few minor changes. I altered the plans to make the work surface larger and extended one end to accommodate a face vice and wrapped the edge in hardwood. I also increased the height so it matched the tablesaw,  this allows it to be used as an in-feed support for large or long work pieces. I adjusted the height without changing the height of the shelf underneath. This made for roomier access to the top shelf where I plan to keep frequently used power tools. There is a power strip mounted under the table so hopefully there will be a lot less power cords strewn across the floor. 

The slots in the table top are designed to allow easier clamping and the dog holes will be used for various accessories I still need to buy. Some of the ones I am thinking of are; 

Hold-Down Clamps - Woodworking

Veritas® Wonder Dog® & Wonder Pup® - Woodworking

Veritas® Hold-Down - Woodworking

I'm sure there are lots of ideas over at Rockler as well.

Now for some pics of the table itself.

Below you can see the power strip, I may need to cut some of the support block for the vise to get this strip in a bit further... or get a smaller power bar.

My first try at making a face vise.

Now to start planning the next part... hmmm.. either the tablesaw make over or centralized dust collection. I guess it will depend on quickly I get tired of shleping the shopvac around to every tool.



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