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Is there a trick to adding a photo to your profile?  It keeps giving me an error message even though the photos are way less than the max of 10MB.

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Hi Wendy I just joined and am having the same problem.

I noticed Kreg monitors this forum and usually comes through with some assistance, so hopefully they will fix it or tell us what we might be doing wrong.  Glad I'm not alone!

Hello Wendy and Cary.  I'm sure you've already noticed this, but your photo should be a GIF, JPG, or PNG file, as well as less than 10MB in size, like Wendy noted.  Also, which web browser are you using?  I just tried updating my own in Chrome and it worked just fine.  If you could please provide me with the web browser you are using, as well as screenshots of the "unable to upload photo" message(s) if possible, I will happily create a help ticket to submit to Ning administrators.  Usually issues like these are on the back-end and must be solved by Ning administrators directly.  Thanks!

I'm running Internet Explorer with Windows 8.1.  Not sure how to send the screen shot you requested.  I tried to upload several different photos and always get the same error message. All are under the size limit.

Okay, Wendy.  Sorry to hear that, but thank you for trying.  I will submit a help ticket to Ning administrators right now describing the issue and get back to you with their recommended solution. Thanks!


Here is what the Ning administrators recommended:

Normally, errors with uploading images are browser-related.  Please make sure that your members are using a supported browser.  Ning 2.0 works well with these browsers:

-Safari 5.1 and Safari 6
-Internet Explorer 8 and 9

Next, have members ensure that their Flash is up-to-date:  (If using Chrome, there is no need to check this, as it has Flash built-in).

If your members continue to experience this issue, please have them upload the photo via another browser or try our troubleshooting tips at:

Just for reference, just about any image should work as long as it is a GIF, JPG, or PNG image that is under 10MB in size.  We recommend square images that are larger than 183x183 pixels.  Anything larger will be compressed/re-sized to fit that space.  For more information on updating a profile picture, please view this page:

If the members are still unable to upload a profile photo, please send us the exact file they are trying to upload.  We will be happy to test and see if there is anything wrong with the file itself.

Please go through the recommended steps above.  If you are still unable to upload your preferred photo, send me a private message:  Thanks!

OK I checked flashplayer and am running the latest version (#16) so what I did was I used my IPhone to upload a picture stored on my phone and it worked fine so must have something to do with Internet Explorer and Windows 8.1.  My phone uses a different web browser (Safari).  If you have a phone Cary, you should try that as well.  Thanks for your help, KregRep!

You're very welcome, Wendy!  Glad to hear (and see!) things finally worked out!

OK, I downloaded chrome and the photo down loaded with no problem.

Thanks Wendy and KregRep

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