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My workshop is small. 12'x12' to be exact.  I have been working out there a lot lately, and I found myself wishing I had more space.  I see pics of people who have space to actually USE a table saw INSIDE their shop (I use mine outside in the yard) and pics of guys who have room for a flat assembly table (I try and find a flat spot on the floor) and I get a little envious.

Then I got to thinking; I like having a small shop.

1. I know where all my tools are. (a place for everything and everything in its place) I love being organized and having a neat shop.

2. It doesn't take too long to clean up. I can clean and vacuum the entire shop in about 15 minutes.

3. It feels more like a "man cave".  It's my space.  It's my retreat.  I can put up a deer head on the wall and my wife doesn't care.  My little guy (he's 7 years old) loves to hang out with dad in the man cave and I put together his own tool kit.  He pounds nails into scrap wood mostly, but they all seem to end up being guns!  PERFECT!!!

So you see, life in a small shop DOES have its upside.  I just need to remember this come winter!!!

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Mine is 10' x 14' and I do have room to use tablesaw inside but rather do cutting outside cause then I only have to clean up around the saw. Same thing goes for mitersaw, use it outside mostly. The reason being I don't have a dust-collection system and using shopvac helps, but dust will still get over everything and then I have more to clean off inside than outside, plus I can blow off the dust/chips on the tablesaw outside and still have an easy cleanup.

But yes, everything is organized and within reach in a few feet. Doesn't take long to clean up (unless nephew has been out there who never puts anything back or hardly cleans up, but he did build it so I let it slide).


Wow! You make me miss my little guy. He's 24 years old and living in Texas... I love the fact that your little guy loves hanging w/ dad! That's awesome!

I have no choice but to be neat. I think if I had a shop I'd have a place for everything and everything in it's place. I clean up my patio (which I'm proud of) every time I do any little project. I'm biting at the bits to get started with my Kreg jig, just a few more items to buy. The first project is already on paper and it's going to be a Kreg tool box. If it turns out nice I'll post it, if not... but I'm also looking forward to making some planters for our lil patio. We are hoping to move somewhere in the future where we can afford a little place with a shop. I'm thinking probably Portland, OR. / Vancouver, WA but it all depends upon my health. My medical team is here in Orange / L.A. counties so I really can't leave yet and I'm not getting any younger, darn it! so I may be stuck here. But, I'm gonna do with what I have and enjoy life as it is! Just never forget David that your little guy is growing up. Man, enjoy EVERY MOMENT you hang out with him in that neat lil shop!

Thanks for the friends request. Have a great week.

David, I too know how fast they grow up.  I have a son who is 23 years old and in the Marines.  Last May he got married to a gal who is also in the Marines.  They are stationed at 29 Palms CA so we don't get to see them much.  I just spoke to them tonight.  He is getting out on Friday of this week.  I directed him to the Kreg Community web site to show him pics of my headboard finished.  I told them when they finally do decide to have babies I am going to build them a crib.  She was SO excited.  I also have a son that is going to be 21 in October.  He lives here in Billings and I see him frequently.  Great guy, loves hunting and fishing and loves spending time with his little bro.  Yup, life is good!  Get the Kreg out and just go for it.  Small projects or large, whatever the project, you wil learn from it.  The headboard I built is the second piece of furnature I've ever built.  Just go for it.  I am so excited to see what you build.  If you think it doesn't come out great use my trick...a low quality camera!!!  LMAO


Low quality camera, high quality ego!


If my projects turn out good I'll get my Nikon DSLR camera out, if not I'll use my phone to take the pic's with... LOL. Thanks for that advice.

Wow, sounds like you are doing good in the kid raising department! I must admit, I made some mistakes by thinking that I needed to work two jobs while my son was young. I had forsaken the love of hunting and fishing that I'd grown up with and my son has never acquired the love for the sports that I have. I've not been able to get out and use my guns or rods in so many years that it's heartbreaking. Some think living in California is really something... I've lived here most of my life and am convinced that I'd be happier elsewhere. Too many people, not enough wilderness, at least the portions of CA where I live. I live on the shows like Mountain Men... I've told my bride that I'm a city slicker by circumstances, and pure country boy at heart.

I think I went through Billings once, I was on my way from Dallas, TX to Saskatoon, Canada... If it's the town I'm thinking of I crested a hill and looked down upon the cutest little town I'd seen up to that point. I know it was somewhere up Montana but not sure that it was Billings but it was beautiful.

There you go !!! We are all given challenges and what is important is that we are able to rise above it! You should be proud!  You did great with whatever you’re given.   

Hi Guys, This question was posed to the Kreg Rep but I'm thinking I might get a good answer or two if I toss it out to the masses of experts, here goes...  I've got a quandrie and I'd like to ask your advise. I live in a small apartment with very little room for woodworking. I have a circular saw, a Craftsman 3/8" corded drill, a DeWalt 1/2" corded hammer drill, a jigsaw, and numerous hand tools, hammers, saws, etc. I've just recieved a gift of $400 to use on more tools and am wondering if a power miter saw should be one of the new tools? I just purchased the new Kreg jig and I'm going to get the mirco jig, the circular saw ripping tool and a couple of clamps. I also want to buy a good cordless drill/driver with a clutch for use w/ the Kreg screws. What other tools would you suggest? Remember, small apartment = small storage = smaller work space! Help!

Hi David, good to hear from you again.  A power miter saw is a great tool but they can be a bit big in the way of storage.  If you're looking for a good saw, check out the Harbor Freight 10" sliding compound miter saw.  I just spent all last weekend checking out saws at Home Depot, Lowes, and Harbor Freight.  I read all of the customer reviews and the HF had BY FAR the best reviews.  Check it out for yourself.  By the way, the HF saw is on sale until 11/18 for $85 with a coupon on their web site.  It compares to the Kobalt saw at Lowes which is $199.00!!!  For an extra $20 you can get a 2 year warantee.  As far a battery drills go, STAY AWAY from HF.  I've never found one that can hold a charge.  I got an 18volt Porter Cable at Lowes about 2 years ago and I love it.  It has a clutch and 2 batteries.  They still hold a charge great.  At that time I paid $69.  As far as other tools go, again I would point you to HF.  Two tools that I purchased there and have had great luck with is a 1/4" trim router and a palm sander.  I bought my palm sander 8 years ago and it still works awesome.  It's in their ad for $14.  The trim router I have had for about 4 years and it is in their ad for $28.  Get yourself a small round over bit and a flush trim bit.  After that you can add some more bits as need and $$$ arise.  If you are really handy you can build yourself a small table to mount your trim router in and you will have yourself a router table!!  You can find plans on the internet (check youtube).  I really hope this helps.  David

Howdy David,

Highly recommend you take the plunge and buy a miter saw. After using mine now for a month, I can't see myself without it. And with some of the current saw accessories they have out now, I wouldn't be surprised if you found a way to make space for one.

I also suffer from small workspacidis. (10 x 7) :(

-- Cheers!

Thanks Guys for all of your advice. I have decided for now to forego the compound miter saw and just make some jigs for cross cutting, as well as one for ripping wood. I'm simply out of room. I did get a good deal on a cordless drill/driver from Home Depot and a good orbital sander, both DeWalt. Going to HF tomorrow to get a router & some miscelaneous stuff... I'll look at the orbital sander there and decide if I'm going to get that and take the DeWalt back or just keep the DW. I picked up some free wood on craigslist and am about to get started on building a jig box. A little nervous about it, both about the work and doing the work in the apartment complex, well here goes. I'll probably start messing around on my days off, Tuesday & Wednesday. Wish me luck. Like I said, if it turns out I'll take a good pic, if not I'll take a bad pic but I'll be honest as to how I feel about the job I do. This is a great forum and I sure appreciate all your help.


Hey also a small shop will be easier to keep warm this winter!


Except my shop is my patio. But it is in SOCAL so our weather's not drastic. A cold day' s in the upper 50,s.

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