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I like the Delta and Rigid both. But my leaning right now when I replace the lightweight Craftsman I have it will be either a Rigid portable contractor saw or table saw if new.  I starting to think though that the sceret to a good performing saw is to accesorize as much as possible with jigs.
nice lookin equipment

Lowell D Sites said:

Here is my table saw, a 10" Delta combination 10" table saw/Jig saw/2 station joiner. It has a Joiner station mounted in a Bench Dog cast iron table, with a Router raiser, Two storage drawers, a rear Table extention that can be put on or taken off in about a minuit, switches for all tools, and a complete dust system hook ups for the tools. The saw came to me with the roll around base, and right hand table extention. I have added the right hand Jig saw/ router station and inlaid the slots for the joiner fence and miter gauge. I built the right hand router station fence, rear extention, added hooks for tools and many of the jigs that I have built, and many other things over several years, but, I think I am finally done adding and changing things. I have thought of showing pictures of all the Jigs also.

Lowell Sites









Yes Joe the saw fence table works like it always did.  It goes all the way to the right end, the right hand formica table extention, and  up to as close as six inches of the end of the perminant cast iron table extention, like it did with the origonal pressed steel table extention. All three fences are quick change off/on.

Lowell Sites

I also have the Ridgid R4510 contractor's saw and I LOVE IT! It was unbelievably accurate right out of the box. Only 500 bucks at Home Depot. Bought 3 good Diablo blades of various teeth grades. Also bought an Incra 1000HD miter fence and the Incra miter express. I verified all dimensions with highly accurate measuring devices and this thing is beyond what I had envisioned. My cuts look like glue joints. And it all packs away in a small foot print. With all the add ons, I give it a 5 out of 5.



Makitia 2705 contractors saw from craigs list. 4 out of 5
Craftsman 10" contractors saw. Ease of use. Easy to set up. Rating  4 out of 5.
I have a Delta Left tilt unisaw model 36-830LA.  Although I have a mobile base I prefer touse it as a stationary tool.  I enjoy the convience of the extended table extension.  It is very handy when working with sheet goods.  My shop is large enough to accomodate this saw. 
I've owned several saws, but my best purchase and the one I still have is a 3 hp, 220 volt, Power Matic cabinet saw from back in the '90's. When it's running, you could place a nickle on edge and it won't fall over, but the best thing I like about it is that the saw tilts to the left, unlike the Delta. I also replaced the Power Matic fence with a excellent fence. No more tape measuring between the blade and fence!
I don't have anything nearly as powerful or elaborate as what all of you have... I have a Ryobi 10" direct-drive table saw.  Ya, I know...  don't I wish I had a real table saw?  But to be honest, this little saw has really amazed me.  I've ripped 2x4's and 4x4's, full sheets of plywood up to 3/4 thick (with the help of in and out-feed tables and it just keeps on going!  I would really like to have something bigger but I don't have a garage or even a cement slab to support anything bigger.  One day the budget will allow for a cement slab and a bigger saw but in the meantime, I'll just keep cutting, and cutting , and cutting....
Have a Ridgid TS3650. Love it.
I have added a custom router table to the end and it is rock solid.

I have the Ridgid model as well as many here. I found the necessity to upgrade the saw blade and mitre accesory in order to obtain accurate cuts. I also found the machine to need a complete adjustment when it was new but have not had to make any adjustment except for the fence since. 


I also own a Powermatic PM 2000 model with the 50 inch wide table. I really like the built in caster system to roll away the saw when not in use. The caster system lifts the entire table with ease and rolls well. I upgraded the blade on this model and have aligned the fence to the blade and mitre slots twice in more than two years. My shop is in my garage as well as many and my third stall is mostly woodworking equipment. What I don't like as much about the Powermatic is the blade guard's dust collection system. The saw creates a great deal of dust that doesn't enter the built in system. I am studying options to solve the issue. Also, if you purchase the wide table option, the support legs are grossly inadequate, especially if moving it around like I do, and I found I have to weld the legs to a piece of angel iron wide enough to bolt to the steel table supports and fence guide which have completely fixed to problem of loose legs.

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